20 Top Parenting Tips for Moms On The Go

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When you become a mom, it can feel like you’re left with a whole new identity – but once you’ve adjusted to life as you know it, your little one learns to walk and talk and you have to adjust all over again.

No matter how much equipment you buy, how many classes you go to, or how much support you have, nothing can fully prepare you for the ups and downs that motherhood can bring – but hopefully this article will give you some tips.

Keep reading for some parenting tips that should help you stay (relatively) sane as your child grows from a baby to a toddler, all through childhood, and finally through the teens.

20 Top Parenting Tips for Moms On The Go
Chapter 1


It’s hard enough adjusting to the new challenges that pregnancy brings – but after the birth, everything changes.

If you’re a first-time mom especially, your life can be turned upside down. You no longer have as much time to focus on yourself and your own health, as you’re too busy caring for your new arrival.


Tip 1 – DON’T Compare Yourself to Other New Moms

Every baby is different, every mom is different, and every parenting experience is different. Some moms may seem like ‘super mom’, juggling work, exercise, child care, and still manage to look good.

The reality is, this isn’t the case for most of us. Pretty much all new moms struggle at times, so don’t waste your time comparing yourself to others.

Tip 2 – DO Get Some Daily Exercise

Exercise is really important, not just for your physical health, but your mental health too. If you’re struggling to spend time apart from your baby, then bring them with you!

There are plenty of jogging strollers available to buy on the market, so you can jog while your little one rests peacefully.

Some jogging strollers are fine to use from an early age, but some specify that your child must be six months or over before coming on a jog with you.

Tip 3 – DON’T Obsess Over Getting a Full Night’s Sleep

Let’s face it – you’re probably not going to sleep through the night for a while, so it’s best to get used to it and find a way to cope with it.

No matter how early you go to bed, how much you feel your newborn before bedtime, or how much help you have – you’re going to get woken up multiple times throughout the night, even if the baby is silent all night.

Don’t waste the very little energy you have stressing about being tired!

Tip 4 – DO Make Sure You Have Everything You Need

“Baby brain” is definitely a thing, and it doesn’t just apply to pregnant women. When you’re pregnant, your brain changes structure slightly – and it can stay like that for up to two years after giving birth.

Making sure you have everything you need when leaving the house is a must. The last thing you need is to be stuck with a poopy baby with no wipes, diapers, or even tissues.

If you’re unsure of a decent stroller, see our review of the best strollers!

Tip 5 – DON’T Neglect Your Own Personal Care Routine

When you become a parent, everything becomes about the baby – but you must try not to neglect yourself.

Whether you want to splash the cash on a new hairdryer or curling iron, or you want to take ten minutes to apply a face mask, don’t feel guilty – take some time for yourself.

Sticking to parts of your pre-baby routine can be a great way to stabilize yourself during this ever-changing time.

Chapter 2


We may think our babies are angelic little cherubs… that is until they reach the terrible twos.

They can talk (somewhat), they can walk (just about), but they certainly can’t behave. Keep reading for more tips on how you can parent toddlers if you’re a mom on the go.


Tip 1 – DON’T Encourage Tantrums

No matter how much you discipline your toddler, you’re probably still going to get publicly humiliated during the terrible twos.

If you’re a mom-on-the-go, then you’re probably all too familiar with toddler tantrums in public. The best way to deal with these outbursts is:

  1. Ignore them – It may seem cruel and it may feel unnatural, but not engaging with your child’s tantrum is one of the best ways you can respond. It can be extra difficult to ignore in public, but other moms are sure to understand the situation.
  2. Divert their attention – If your child is mid-tantrum, instead of soothing them (and enabling this behavior), you could distract them. Call their name, and show them something interesting – make them forget why they’re upset in the first place.
  3. Time out – If your little one isn’t snapping out of the tantrum, then you need to tell them that it’s wrong. Pick a boring spot, like on the stairs, or a chair in the study. Have your child sit in that spot for a couple of minutes – it’s best to do it by age, so 2 years = 2 minutes.

Tip 2 – DO Join A Mommy-And-Me Group

Mom meetups are a great way for both you and your little one to make friends. You can get support, ask advice, and have fun with your child and with other moms and their babies.

Parenting groups are great for bonding with your baby and following your little one’s development. They’re full of songs, exercises, and fun activities that your child is sure to engage in and love.

Mommy-and-me groups are also amazing for picking up new parenting techniques – the instructor/ leader is usually professionally trained, so is sure to give you a few tips and tricks for dealing with troublesome toddlers.

Tip 3 – DON’T Spend Hundreds of Dollars On Equipment That Doesn’t Grow With Your Child

Toddler’s bodies are changing and growing constantly, so it’s a bit pointless purchasing a car seat that your child will only fit in for a few months.

You’re always best off getting strollers and car seats that will last your child years – in 2020, many car seats and strollers have adjustable and extendable features that will ensure years of use.

If you’re unsure which car seat may be best for your little one, see our roundup review on The Best Convertible Car Seat.

Tip 4 – DO Treat Yourself

It’s no secret that parenting can be extremely testing – especially when your child is in the toddlers or teens!

Don’t feel guilty about treating yourself every so often. Whether it’s a trip to the spa or an afternoon nap – just do it! You’re doing the most difficult job in the world, and you deserve a break.

If you can’t find a sitter, then you can still treat yourself. Get the chocolate bar you hid behind the spice rack, or crack open a bottle of wine once in a while.

It can be easy to forget these luxuries after having children, so a little reminder every so often can do the world of good.

Tip 5 – DON’T Stress over Mess

Toddlers are going to create a mess – no amount of nagging, discipline, or baby wipes will change that. Instead of stressing every time a drink spills, just tell yourself that all messes can (and will!) be cleaned up.

Sometime you’ll enter your living room and be certain that a bomb has hit it – instead of sighing and losing your cool, just focus on your little one having fun – the mess can be cleared up.

There’s no point crying over spilled milk after all!

Chapter 3


Childhood is the wonderful stage where your little one will grow into their personality, and become who they are.

It can be difficult watching your baby grow into their personality so quickly, so be sure to keep up with the changes, and look after yourself while doing so!


Tip 1 – DO Feed Your Body Well

It’s completely normal to want to put your children first, but you won’t be able to do that if you’re not taking care of yourself.

Feeding your body with good healthy foods rich in vitamins will keep your body and mind healthy – so you can be on top form when dealing with your little one.

Children are little bundles of energy and can be difficult to keep up with (even for the fittest of moms!), so maintaining a healthy diet is a sure-fire way to give you a fighting chance when playing with your child.

Tip 2 – DON’T Do It All Yourself

It’s too easy to get into the habit of sorting everything out yourself, but don’t be afraid to share the load and delegate certain tasks to anyone in your support system.

You can even get your children involved – and pay them for completing chores. This not only takes a load off your shoulders but teaches your children the value of money and how to be helpful around the house.

Tip 3 – DO Get To Know Your Child

When our little ones reach childhood, they’re going to grow into their personalities. They’ll start picking up hobbies and interests – and it’s your job to support them.

It could be a good opportunity to get involved in their interests. Whether you’re digging up worms in the back garden, playing hide and seek, or even dressing up as princesses – it can only be a positive getting involved in your child’s hobbies.

It’s also a good chance to bond with your child and take off the parenting hat for a while – see your child in action and get to know the life you created.

Tip 4 – DON’T Compare Your Child to Others

This tip doesn’t only apply to children with brothers or sisters, but it can apply to any children.

If your best friend has a child the same age as your little one, it’s not going to do anything for your child’s self-esteem if you’re constantly comparing the two.

Don’t compare your child to your siblings – the last thing you need on top of the stress of being a parent is a case of sibling rivalry! If your children don’t get on, then trips to the park and even leaving the house will most likely end in tears, and not just from the kids!

Realize that each child has their own strengths, weaknesses, hobbies, and personalities.

Tip 5 – DO Make The Most of Your Free Time

As your child grows into a teenager, the free time will start pouring in – but when you have children, you must grab any free time you can with both hands!

If you have any hobbies or interests (or had any before having kids), then try reigniting your love for it! If it’s gardening, then spend some time tending to your garden.

See your friends, and don’t fall out of contact with your pre-motherhood friends! It can be easy to get so wrapped up in motherhood that you forget who you were before you had a baby. Well, now’s the time to revisit that person!

Make the most of your free time – trust me, it’ll keep you sane throughout the rollercoaster of motherhood.

Chapter 4


Now onto the stage that most parents dread – the teenage years. Although the teenage years can be very challenging for both you and your teen, there are some pros to this stage!

When your child becomes a teen, you’ll notice your relationship with your child will change almost every day – so be sure to embrace the good times as they come.


Tip 1 – DO Start A New Hobby With Your Teen

Starting a new hobby can be a fun way to bond with your teen. Many parents complain that their relationship with their child suffers as they turn 13, but it doesn’t have to be the case.

Yes, you’re bound to get into a few arguments with your teen, but sticking to certain activity on a regular basis is sure to help the situation.

Find out what your teen is interested in and get involved – whether it be arts and crafts, jogging, swimming, or even makeup! Try to allocate a set time per week for your activity – it will set structure, give you a chance to bond, and keep you both occupied!

Tip 2- DON’T Forget That You’re Their Friend, Not Just Their Mom

Yes, it’s your job to discipline your teen and send them on the right path to adulthood – but it can be easy to forget that you’re more than just their mom – you’re their friend, the person they should trust and ask for help from, and most of all, have a good relationship with!

Tip 3 – DO Get to Know Their Friends and Friend’s Parents

Many moms become close friends with their kid’s friend’s parents – it’s a good chance to make new friends and to keep an eye on your teens.

Not everyone understands the ups and downs of parenting a teen, but you know for sure that your teen’s friends’ mom and dad will – so get chatting to them and boost your social life.

Tip 4 – DON’T Keep All Your Life Knowledge To Yourself

Chances are, whatever your teen is going through now, you’ve been through it all before. Put yourself in their shoes before judging or shrugging off their behavior – remember what it felt like for you.

Now’s your chance to show your teen that you’re there for them! Whether you’re giving them ‘The Talk’ or you’re teaching them how to meditate or be self-aware, bring your own experiences into the equation and share your knowledge.

You’re most likely full of tips – you probably know good exercise regimes, good meditation tips, good makeup tips, good fashion tips, good social advice – share it all with your teen – even if they don’t show it, they’ll appreciate this guidance!

Tip 5 – DO Be Proud of The Person They’ve Become

In all the craziness of parenting, it can be easy to forget that you’re responsible for whoever they are.

All that they are is down to you, and you should be proud of everything you’ve done to positively influence their life.

Every early morning, every meal, each time on the ‘naughty step’ have all contributed to your child’s upbringing and prepared them for adulthood.

Be proud of yourself as well as your child! You’ve got through one of the most difficult things a woman can go through.


Parenting has more ups and downs than a rollercoaster, but hopefully these tips have made the process slightly easier for you – or at least given you some guidance.

What are your thoughts on our 20 top parenting tips for moms on the go? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below, and be sure to share our tips with your mom-friends!

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