Baby Jogger City Select Review

Baby Jogger began, as you can probably guess from the name, by making jogging strollers. These allowed busy parents to go jogging with their baby, keeping themselves healthy, and taking the baby to explore. The range has expanded significantly since then, but the core principles remain the same. These are strollers for people with busy lifestyles.

Now more than ever, strollers need to keep up with parents who are always on the go. That means they need to be sturdy, they need to be smooth, and they need to be forward-thinking. The Baby Jogger City Select hopes to have all that covered.

Baby jogger city

We know that a baby stroller is not a simple purchase, which is why we’ve considered every part of the Baby Jogger City Select in this review. Read on to find if this is the right stroller for you and your little one.

Pros and Cons

There are several key features to the Baby Jogger that explains its popularity, but perhaps the most important one of all is its adaptability. If you have two children, or you have one and are planning for more, the Baby Jogger City Select can expand outwards to add another seat. This saves you money in the future, while keeping convenience now!


Expands out to fit another seat.
Easy folding mechanism.
Easily fits into the trunk of most cars.
Adjustable handlebars.
Seat with recline and leg rests.
Multiple seat configurations, to suit each child.
UV 50+ canopy, with magnetic close peek-a-boo window.

Extra seat and other accessories are an additional price.
The bulky frame can be difficult to use one-handed.
Lots of clips and buckles, can get frustrating.


The convenience of the Baby Jogger City Select is perhaps one of its major selling points.

Firstly, the folding. This is incredibly simple and easy to do, although the weight of the frame might need a bit of a muscle behind it. Simply lift the two handles, and the entire stroller collapses into a single neat fold. It goes quickly, which is convenient, but may take some time to get used to. Be sure to watch out for your fingertips. 

If you have the stroller in double mode, you do have to remove the second seat. This is standard, even if it isn’t hugely convenient.

Once the Baby Jogger City Select is folded in two, it doesn’t auto-lock into place. A manual bracket can be applied to lock the stroller, but it tends to hold together fairly well on its own. 

Having been folded and secured, it isn’t an easy task to get this stroller to balance. It can be done, but it takes some effort. There’s a skill to it, and with any luck it will be a skill you have. However, many will find it refuses to balance.

If you want to carry your Baby Stroller City Select around with you, you may have some issues. Although it is possible to maneuver when folded, parents might struggle with the bulky frame - especially if you’re carrying the extra seat. However, it does fit easily into the trunk of almost every car, and lifting it in should be no problem.

While folding is relatively easy, the unfolding presents a little bit more of a problem. It still isn’t difficult, but it does require some arm muscles. All you need to do is pop it open! Easy, right? Except the City Select weight 28 pounds, so it can be a strain.

In some cases, it’s necessary to bend down to get the stroller fully open. For some moms, you may find it easier to shake the stroller out, and wait for the tell-tale click signifying it’s locked. 

Once open, the Baby Jogger City Select is easy to maneuver around - even as a double stroller. The all terrain wheels and front wheel suspension makes it simple to navigate around busy streets, across bumpy sidewalks, and over gravel paths. You may struggle slightly on sand or mud, but locking the front wheels in place helps get things going.

The handles are extendable, so even taller parents can feel comfortable. No more hunching over!

The influence of the jogging stroller can really be seen in the City Select brakes. These are hand brakes, rather than foot-operated brakes, which is perfect on a jogging stroller.

Hand brakes are also sandal and flip-flop friendly, and suitable for use barefoot. They can potentially pinch, so be sure to watch out. Once the brakes are on, the stroller doesn’t move. Be aware that this is not a stroller designed for jogging.

One of the most compelling reasons to buy a City Select stroller is the adaptability. There are 16+ seat configuration options, and the stroller transforms from a single to a double with ease.

This is perfect for parents who are looking ahead, or who are planning for a second. Although the City Select might be bulky as a single stroller, the flip side is that as a tandem stroller it’s streamlined compared to competitors.

The City Select isn’t compatible with car seats as standard, but adaptors can be bought separately.

Cleaning is a pretty important part of any stroller, because kids have a tendency to make a mess in an empty room. The thick fabric of the City Select is good for spot cleans, and also machine washable in cold water. It’s not quite as “wipe down” friendly as other, lighter options. The metal frame is incredibly easy to clean, as are the plastic fasteners.

Actually setting up the stroller may take some time, and you have to go carefully to make sure there’s nothing missed. The City Select features more than a few clips, straps, and buckles, and they’re all needed to keep your child secure.


With a seat recline and adjustable leg rests, your child should be comfy sitting in the City Select. You can also adjust the direction the seat is facing, whether your child wants to watch the world as it passes, or prefers the comfort of seeing parents. With so many seating options available, there should be no problem in finding a configuration your child is happy in.

The five-point harness is also adjustable, with various shoulder height options and a moveable crotch fit. It’s intuitive to use, and clips in firmly, so both you and your child can feel secure. The clasp is slightly harder to release, but once you’ve got the hang of the button it’s much quicker.

A UV 50+ canopy is another great feature of the Baby Jogger City Select. It adjusts to 2 heights, allowing it to expand alongside your family. The canvas fabric feels durable but still breathable, to protect your baby from sun and rain (although a rain cover is needed in heavy downpours).

The canopy also features a peek-a-boo mesh opening, allowing you to check on your child easily. The peek-a-boos magnetic close is an incredibly handy feature, as it opens and closes silently. A blessing for anyone who’s accidentally woken a sleeping child with noisy Velcro.

Storage on the City Select is sizable, making it a great choice for busy parents. It fits in up to 15lbs worth of items, so you can easily slide in shopping alongside heavy diaper bags. The front zipper keeps your belongings secure, while the elasticated back is easily accessible. There’s also a pocket built into the back of the seat, for keeping all the essentials close at hand.

With large and durable wheels, pushing the City Select along rough terrains is comfortable for both you and the child. One-handed steering can be tricky, although this is expected on larger strollers. Something to look out for is the convenient handle adjust, which becomes significantly less convenient for one-handed pushing. Located in the middle of the handle, it’s difficult not to grab.


As many new parents will find, buying a stroller is not exactly cheap. This also isn't an area where it’s a good idea to cut costs. A cheap stroller won’t exactly hold up to a busy city street.

The Baby Jogger City Select is costly, but it isn’t out of the ordinary for a brand-new stroller - especially not one that can potentially accommodate two children.

One important thing to bear in mind is that the cost of the stroller doesn’t cover the accessories. If you do intend to use this as a double stroller, you’ll need to pay a little extra


If you have two children, or you like to look ahead, then the City Select might be the right stroller for you. It’s adaptable and comfortable to use, with more than a few convenient features. 

However, the heavy frame can be difficult to get around, and it’s a shame so many of the features are purchased as extra.

As a double or single stroller, the City Select is easy to use, and easy to adjust. Busy families will enjoy the convenience, and children can sit happy in the range of configurations. A great stroller for growing families.

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