Best Ab Workout Equipment

Rock hard six-pack abs. They are something many of us have wanted but the majority fail to achieve.

The media has inundated us with pictures of toned physiques for decades and people have wanted to emulate this look. The good news is, with hard work, dedication, and repetition, you can get that iron board stomach.

The most proven method of building those stomach muscles is through core-strength workouts. These moves will focus on the ab muscles alone and, in time, you should see some muscular results.

The best core-strengthening tools are ab trainers. If you’re starting your fitness journey, these are a great way of strengthening those ab muscles. 

The market is full of ab workout equipment and it is hard to find which is the right one to get your desired results. To help you decide, we have compiled a list of the top five ab workout equipment to get you beach body soon.

We have chosen equipment that will help fast-track you to abs and help you grow confidence in some complex ab movements.

After we go through the pros and cons of each product, we will go through a buyer’s guide with important factors you should consider before buying ab equipment. Our FAQs will answer the most common queries that you may also have.

Sick of doing crunches on the floor? Let’s take a shortcut and find out our top pick now!


Our number one pick is the versatile, easy to use Perfect Fitness Ab Carver Pro Roller.

It is important to feel as comfortable as possible when doing core workouts and the Pro Roller ensures this. This is a brilliant piece of equipment that can be used at any time.

To simply do an ab rollout, grab the ergonomic handles of the ab roller, then position yourself into a push-up position (knees on the ground and hands directly underneath your shoulders).

The next step is to engage your core and let the ab roller slowly roll forward and back for one rep. It is as easy as that.

The Perfect Fitness Ab Roller offers a good amount of resistance as you roll back and forth thanks to its carbon steel spring design.

To prevent you from wobbling or feeling uneasy on the roller, its wide silhouette should ensure you stay still.

The ergonomic hand grips are angled to work on arm muscles as well as core strength to get even better results.

These built-in handles can be removed for you to easily carry it to the gym or store without any fuss. Comfort is of top priority with this ab roller.

It includes high-density foam knee pads to stop your knees from rubbing for a prolonged workout.

The super-wide wheel tread offers stability for moving left, right, or center for those targeted ab routines and if you’re not sure what routine to follow, download the  21-day workout plan that comes with the product.


  • Easy to use at any time
  • Offers strong resistance from its carbon steel spring 
  • Wide wheel thread offers stability for moving left, right, or center for targeted ab workouts
  • Ergonomic built-in handles are angled to also activate arm muscles as well as abdominals
  • Includes an option to download a 21-day workout plan to guide you through your routine


  • Can be quite noisy when in use


Next up is a classic exercise ball to help you in a variety of stretches and abdominal workouts.

The URBNFit Exercise Ball is available in five different sizes and eleven colors. With so many options, you will easily find one that suits you.

The ball comes with an air pump and two air stoppers to maintain the product.

It is so simple to use. Just inflate the stability ball for workouts and deflate when you want to take it somewhere.

You want ab equipment that will last a long time. The URBNFit’s professional quality PVC design ensures its durability for long-lasting use and will stop you from slipping off.

No need to worry about the ball bursting midway through a workout either. It has a 2,000 lb weight capacity to suit everyone.

You can do a variety of workouts on the URBNFit exercise ball like yoga or pilates. For example, simply lie on top of the ball for elevated crunches or rest your feet on it to perform pikes.

There is no need to feel afraid of exercise with this product. Be creative and enjoy the routine.


  • Quick and easy to set up with a dual-action inflation pump and two air stoppers
  • Designed with professional quality PVC to prevent slipping and ensure durability
  • Has a 2,000 lb weight capacity to suit everyone
  • Perfect for a variety of exercises like yoga, pilates, or stretching, and for relieving back pain
  • Easy to carry when deflated


  • Takes some time to inflate using the foot pump


The Xmark Fitness Adjustable Decline Ab Workout Bench is a brilliant piece of equipment and suitable for any home gym. A heavy-duty steel frame should ensure your stability during a workout.

Some fantastic features are the different levels of adjustments available.

There are twelve levels of decline adjustment on a 47-inch rail. This uses a locking pop-pin and leg holder for extra sturdiness.

These varying levels will help target your abs by keeping your workouts dynamic and comfortable.

Back support is essential for working on your abs. Far too many people injure their backs when trying to work on their abs so precaution is necessary.

Thankfully, the Xmark Fitness Adjustable Decline Ab Workout Bench covers this area with 3-inch back support coated in a baked scratch-resistant powder to prevent damage.

The built-in foam-lined leg holder protects your legs from rubbing against the bench and is positioned so you can tackle your favorite ab exercises like sit-ups, crunches, Russian twists, and more.

The Xmark Fitness Adjustable Decline Ab Workout Bench is designed to suit fitness novices as well as dedicated athletes with absolute comfort all the way.


  • Twelve levels of decline adjustment for varying levels of routines to target your abs
  • Features a bullhorn handlebar for safer and easier mounting/dismounting
  • Extremely stable with a heavy-duty steel frame for extra stability and durability
  • Ergonomic design to reduce back strain 
  • Sweat-resistant and tear-resistant material for hygienic, long-lasting use


  • Quite a large piece of equipment


For a versatile piece of equipment that is safe to use in your home, the Marcy Adjustable Hyperextension Roman Chair is one of the best. This chair will take your sit-ups to the next level.

The training bench can be used for many abdominal workouts. Using this bench will help strengthen your lower back, target your glutes, and hamstring muscles as well as those abs.

The hyperextension design allows you to position yourself correctly when trying out different movements. With targeted motions, you can define your core and back by flipping over positions.

High-density foam and padded handles will keep your body safe from rubbing on any metal parts. It should last you a long time due to its premium quality construction.

Solid, heavy-duty tubing frame with powder-coated finishing will support you in your quest for rock hard abs.

The best thing about this Roman chair is that it can be used in the comfort of your own home. Its design is sleek and extremely convenient for easy storage when not in use. 

You will have no option other than to engage your core as there is no back support with this product.

The padded handles and legs will support you sufficiently when you challenge yourself to the variety of workouts on the chair and bench.


  • Highly versatile - Can be used for a variety of abdominal workouts alongside targeting your glutes, hamstrings, and lower back
  • Designed with a hyperextension system to position yourself correctly when doing different movements
  • Includes integrated padding for comfort and support
  • Heavy-duty construction for long-lasting use
  • Perfect for home gyms


  • No back support meaning extra pressure on the back and pelvic muscles
  • Uncomfortable for heavier individuals


Our final pick is a convenient piece of equipment that has been a favorite for many workouts over the years. CAP Barbell Ab Trainer is a highly durable and easy to use ab rocker.

Ab rockers are great at making crunches easier with extra support for your body. A padded pillow behind your head and neck will support you comfortably when you lie down and slide the ab rocker over your body.

The CAP Barbell Ab Trainer fully engages your core as you lift your body to complete a full crunch or sit-up. If extra leverage is needed, you simply press into the front of the rocker and you will feel extra stability.

Its construction is made from durable steel with an ergonomic design. This helps eliminate back and neck strain that are common problems with crunches.

Perfect for home use, it weighs only 6.50 lbs and measures 25 inches in width, 28.5 inches in height, and has a depth of 27 inches. Setting the product up is a breeze with only a few parts to put together.

The CAP Barbell Ab Trainer is a great functional piece of equipment that should tone and sculpt your muscles with consistent use.


  • Durable, ergonomic design helps relieve back strain and neck strain
  • Features a cushion pillow for your head and neck to add extra comfort
  • Highly convenient for home use
  • Easy to set up and disassemble


  • Not very suitable for shorter individuals (5 foot 3 and under) 

Best Ab Workout Equipment Buying Guide

Hang on Arnold Schwarzenegger! There are a few more factors you need to consider before buying your ab equipment. 

Now you know our top five choices for ab equipment, here are some things to look out for when buying your next product.


You should always consider how strong your piece of equipment is. It is advised you spend a little extra on an ab machine for assured stability and safety.

The best ab equipment is made from top-grade materials such as steel and should support a wide range of movements and weight.


Doing the same ab routine week in week out will soon get tedious. It is important to spice things up with different movements. Investing in a new ab machine can cost quite a lot.

You should make sure you can get the most out of it so you can tone and strengthen your core muscles as well as arms, thighs, and other parts. 

Ease of use

You want your equipment to be easy to use. If you find it hard mounting and unmounting the product, you will soon grow tired of using it.

It’s best to find a piece of equipment that is easy to use as you will be regularly using it for daily workouts. If you’re a beginner, find one that is simple and not too strenuous for your body.

The size

Think about whether you will be using your new ab equipment in your home, office, or gym.

You should consider the size of the room you will be exercising in regularly as some abdominal machines are very large and may not fit.


Safety should be your number one concern when exercising.

You should look for equipment that will be sturdy and stay in place when in use. It should never topple over or move as this will risk your well-being and could cause serious harm.

Different kinds of ab equipment

There are a wide variety of ab machines to choose from. It is almost impossible to list every one but some of the most common types are:

  • Sit up benches
  • Ab wheels
  • Ab chairs
  • Roman chairs
  • Ab rollers

Sit up benches assist you in performing a diverse range of sit-ups, crunches, and rises. These are available in most gyms with simpler versions made for home use. These are a great option for beginners as well as advanced users and target the abs brilliantly. With proper form, you shouldn’t suffer from lower back pain but this is a common problem with the sit-up bench.

Ab wheels can really work your core hard. These work your entire upper torso as well as your abs and are easy to use whilst taking up very little space. This is why they are a popular choice for home workouts. Some have a more advanced design for higher levels of resistance. These are not the best option for beginners as a strong core is already needed to use one properly.

Ab chairs are great for beginners. They help protect your back from strain and make ab workouts far easier. To simulate a crunch, the chairs fold giving you extra support. Stronger individuals won’t get their required resistance from these chairs as it is purposely designed for those with weaker cores.

Roman chairs focus more on lower backs. They allow you to perform hyperextension exercises to build lower back muscles. They also work on glutes, hamstrings, and, of course, abs. This versatility makes them a popular choice for home workout machines but they don’t have as much of an impact on abs as most ab equipment.

Lastly, ab roller trainers are made from a curved metal frame to assist with crunches by providing support for your neck. If you want to focus on your upper abs, these are experts at this. As with some other ab machines, the ab roller doesn’t provide overall core training as some areas of the abdominals may be left out. Nevertheless, these are a good choice for beginners looking to exercise at home.

Fitness level

Different ab equipment is suited to varying levels of fitness. These range from beginner-friendly, to advanced athletes. You should consider where you stand in your fitness journey and choose a piece of equipment that will suit you right now.

Find the equipment that makes exercise more accessible to you but if you plan to make it a routine, choose one that can also make your workouts more intense in time.

Your workout style

Think about your preferred workout style. Some styles don’t work for everyone. Different ab equipment is better for certain ab workouts. Find one that suits your preferences.

Maybe you hate doing sit-ups. If this is you, avoid roman chairs and ab rockers. Try ab rollers instead. If you love cardio, opt for a piece of equipment that encourages more activity like a rowing-style sit-up machine or exercise bike. Exercise should be fun as well as challenging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use ab equipment?

There are no rules stating you must use ab equipment to get six-pack abs. You can achieve abs without machines by using your own body weight such as in calisthenics.

Nonetheless, ab machines can improve all manners of your body including biceps, triceps, back muscles, and glutes. Using ab equipment will enhance your ab workouts and could help you achieve faster results.

Is ab equipment effective?

There are no shortcuts in fitness. Some ab machines work very well while others don’t. Just working out with ab equipment won’t ensure you get rock hard abs.

It takes focus, commitment, repetition, and effort to see results as well as a healthy, balanced diet. 

A comprehensive workout routine is recommended with different equipment being used to focus on different ab muscles.