Best Hiking Stroller

Going anywhere with your little one can often be a challenge. And this is definitely the case on a hike. But, giving your child the opportunity to experience nature and enjoy the fresh air will all be worth it.

You might be considering how exactly you can hike with a stroller. While a baby carrier might seem like the most sensible option. It can be very difficult trying to hike with a hefty weight strapped to you.

Best Hiking Stroller

Eager to head out on your hike and need that stroller ASAP? No worries, skip the list and check out our top pick for the best hiking stroller.


Hauck Runner, Jogger Style, 3-Wheeler


Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller


Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller


Hauck Runner, Jogger Style, 3-Wheeler

Our top pick for the best hiking stroller is this super affordable option from Hauck. One of the first things you notice about this stroller is the size of the wheels.

Three wheels are pretty standard for a hiking stroller as they allow for greater control. (Make sure to scroll down or read on to the Buyers’ Guide for more information on this.) 

But the size of the wheels themselves is very noticeable. The back wheels are especially large. And all three wheels have deep grooves. They almost look like miniature bicycle wheels.

This is absolutely ideal for hiking. These wheels will be able to travel easily over any kind of terrain. They will also take the brunt of any bumps or ditches the stroller goes over. 

The wheels are great for both comfort and safety. Another great safety feature is the large set of straps. The chair straps are large and padded. These will keep your baby strapped in but won’t bother them or feel uncomfortable.

As well as great safety features, this stroller is very practical. The chair can be easily altered to allow your child to sit up or lie down. This is great for hiking.

Depending on your route, you will be able to allow them to be rocked to sleep by the movement. Or they can sit up and take in all the sights of your nature hike.

The handlebar can be easily moved and set to the perfect height for you.  It is also super easy to fold up and put away.


  • Affordable – This stroller is affordable in comparison to other standard strollers. It is especially affordable for a hiking stroller.
  • Extra-Large Wheels – These wheels can go over lots of different terrains while still staying comfortable.
  • Adjustable Handlebars – Easily move the angle of the handlebars to find the best support.
  • Adjustable Chair Angle – Easily angle the chair to allow your child to sit up, recline, or lie down.
  • Elevated Under Chair Storage – Good storage capacity that won’t drag on the floor.


Chicco Activ3 Air Jogging Stroller

This stroller is ideal for older toddlers who will enjoy sitting up and taking in their surroundings. It features the standard safety straps and cross-chair bar. But it also features large rails on either side of the chair. This means that you can be extra sure of your child’s security.

It also means that you can allow your child to sit up and move around a little more. This will allow them to see much more of what’s going on around them. This is one of the reasons why it’s so great to take your children out on a hike with you.

But, once your little one has tired of all those exciting sights, they can easily recline backward. The chair features a reclining seat. This seat has a 3D air mesh backrest. This means that your child won’t feel stuffy or become overheated when they are lying down. 

Another super useful feature is the tray underneath the chair. This is great for storage and also has two cup holders.  As well as a tray there is a basket made from soft polyester. But is elevated enough not to sag onto the ground. 

As is relatively common with hiking strollers, this Chicco Activ3 has three wheels. These aren’t quite as large in diameter as some other options. But they have very thick tires with deep grooves.

This will be great for rural areas with a lot of dirt or mud. These tires are also filled with foam, rather than air. This will make your hikes even smoother and more supported.

The wheels are supported with an excellent suspension system that is also adjustable. This is great if you like to vary your trail routes. 


  • Plastic Window in Sun Hood – This will allow your child to look upward and see you. So they won’t feel anxious when the sun hood blocks their view.
  • Storage Basket and Tray With Cup Holders – Ideal for long hikes where lots of storage is needed.
  • Multiple Safety Features – Includes an across chair bar, safety straps, and side rails.


  • More expensive than average.


Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller

This stroller is perfect for long hikes. The wheels on this stroller are very large and great for going over lots of different kinds of terrain.

The wheels also have very thick tires with deep grooves. This means that the stroller will be able to travel easily over any bumps or ditches, without causing the stroller to jar and react.

This stroller also only has three wheels. This is great if you regularly hike through trails with lots of corners or uneven terrain. Three wheels provide you with great support and even more control.

You will feel much more secure when pushing a three-wheel stroller. But don’t worry about your little one getting near the big wheels.

The chair is positioned a good distance from the wheels. And the front wheel is covered and almost obscured by a large piece of plastic.

This chair is perfect for slightly older toddlers who want to be able to sit up and see what’s going on around them. This stroller has a large section for your tot’s legs to hand down and even rest. 

Another super useful feature of this stroller is the storage. Beneath the chair is a large storage basket. But this is tougher than your standard basket.

It is made from neoprene and has a strong and study base. This means that it can be easily folded away when you fold down the stroller. But that it also won’t move around or sag to the ground when in use. 


  • Available In Three Colors – Practicality doesn’t have to mean an absence of style.
  • Large Basket Under Chair – Plenty of space for storage with a strong and supportive base. 
  • Extra Large Sun Hood – Make sure to protect your toddler from the sun’s rays in all directions.


  • A little more expensive than average.


Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer & Stroller

This stroller is pretty different from the other options on this list. You will have likely seen these around and thought they looked fun. But have you ever considered actually buying one?

This stroller will give your child a lot more freedom of movement. Your toddler will be able to sit or lay down snugly inside this super-safe stroller. Despite the fact that this looks like a play-pen on wheels, it does have straps to keep your child safe.

This stroller can also be attached to a bike. For this, there is an extendable bar that connects the front of the stroller to the back wheel of a bike. The front wheels of the stroller can be lifted and folded away.

This is great if you regularly go on camping trips and enjoy going out every day. You will be able to change up your outdoor adventures and go hiking, jogging, or cycling.

Another useful feature is the ability to extend the chair. This is standard in most strollers. But it is much more impressive in this style of stroller.

With just one hand, you can pull down the extender and allow your weary little one to lie down. The chairs can be pulled down separately on the double stroller.

Behind the seat is an easy-to-access basket. Beneath this is a very large and sturdy storage box. This is perfect for packing away all the things you will need for both you and your baby as you hike. 


  • Choice Between Single or Double – This is already a large stroller. But with just a little extra space it can fit two small children.
  • Choose Between Hiking Stroller or Bicycle Trailer – This stroller can be converted from a four-wheel stroller to a bike trailer. 
  • Lots of Storage – There is a basket behind the chair and a sturdy storage box below the handles.


  • Expensive compared to most other options.


BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller

This is a great stroller if you live or regularly hike somewhere exposed with lots of sunshine. It has a very large sun hood that can be extended almost to the base of the chair.

This by itself would be great for keeping out the sun. But the hood is also UPF 50.

So you can keep the sun out of your little one’s eyes and off their sensitive skin. Its extra large size will also be useful for when your baby wants to sleep on your hike.

The wheels of this stroller are perfect for going over different terrain If you regularly go on hikes over dirt tracks or uneven terrain, you would need to find a new route for most other strollers.

But the thick tires on the wheels of this stroller will be able to travel over difficult terrain. And they will take the brunt of any bumps.

The wheels themselves are not as large as some other options. But the thick tires make up for this.

This stroller can be bought as either a single stroller or travel system. The travel system includes a car seat that can be separated from the stroller and used to carry your baby. Or it can be used as a car seat or as a rear-facing chair for the stroller.


  • Choice Between Stroller and Travel System – The stroller is very standard. But the travel system includes a removable car seat.
  • Very Thick Tires – These big wheels with thick tires will be great for going over difficult terrains.
  • Extra Large Sun Hood – Keep the sun off your baby, so they remain in the shade. Or pull it further over, so they can snooze in the dark. 


  • Slightly more expensive than average.

Best Hiking Stroller Buying Guide


While out hiking, safety for both you and your child are the most important factors to consider. All the strollers included on this list are specifically designed for outdoor sports and activities.

But, it’s still worth considering the safety features offered with each stroller. These should include obvious features such as belts and straps. But they also need to include other features such as the angle of the seat and whether a sun visor is included.

When out on a hike, it’s super important to make sure you are prepared for all weather conditions. 


As you can imagine, the type of wheels on your stroller are going to be important on a hike. More than the average stroller, you’re going to need thicker wheels with deeper grooves. This will help if you come across any mud or dirt tracks. But this will also help provide you with extra traction when hiking uphill.

As well as the wheels, the sturdiness of the overall structure is really important. With thick wheels, you’re going to need a tough frame to provide resistance against the pressure they will cause. This means that you will need a stroller that can take a few bumps. 

As well as the shape and style, the number of wheels is also important. As you will have likely noticed from the products included above, three wheels, rather than the usual four is more common on hiking strollers.

A four-wheel stroller isn’t necessarily bad for hiking. But a three-wheel stroller will be much easier. They will be easier to control and maneuver. The two wheels at the back of the stroller provide support and keep the chair facing straight ahead.

The single wheel at the front is then used for moving around. This ensures that the stroller can be nimbly wound around rocks and ditches in the ground. 


If there is one universal truth about babies and toddlers, it is that they require a lot of stuff. Whenever you’re out with your little one, you find yourself packing more bags than you previously would have for a week-long vacation. 

A backpack is a good idea for anyone who goes hiking, whether they’re hiking with a child or not. But there is only so much you can pack into a backpack.

And there is only so much that you should pack into one. A heavy backpack will be pulling at your back and shoulders constantly. This definitely isn’t something you will want while you’re pushing a stroller in front of you.

Because of this, a stroller with a good deal of storage space is ideal. There are some which will have a storage tray or hammock underneath the chair. These are great but can only carry so much.

This is especially true if it is made from a soft material that would sag. This can cause the material to become caught on rocks or branches. 

Try and find a stroller with as much hidden storage as you can. As well as this, consider whether there is space to hang other things. This can simply be whether the handles will be suitable for hanging a diaper bag over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are jogging strollers good for hiking?

Jogging strollers and hiking strollers are almost one and the same. There might be some differences in terms of suspension. This is because jogging will cause the stroller to bounce slightly more than hiking generally does.

But, as already mentioned, there is very little in it. We have included some jogging strollers on this list. Jogging strollers will generally have the same features as a hiking stroller.

But, if they’re intended for jogging on sidewalks, rather than in woodland or rural areas, then they may have smaller wheels. As mentioned above, thick wheels with deep grooves are important for hiking.

The best option is to go for an “all terrain” stroller. These are suitable for both jogging and hiking. 

What is an all terrain stroller?

While looking for a hiking stroller, you will likely have seen very similar strollers described as “all terrain strollers” or “jogging strollers”. These will have small differences. But they are all generally the same style of stroller.

All terrain strollers are exactly what they are called. These are strollers that can just as easily be rolled along the sidewalk as they can be pushed up a hill on a hike. These strollers will all generally have larger wheels with thicker tires. And will have a sturdier structure overall.