Best Home Gym Equipment For Moms

For moms, figuring out how to get to the gym with children, no money, no time, and no energy can be an absolute nightmare. Being a mom is exhausting enough as it is without the pressure of keeping your body in tip-top shape. 

It’s even worse when you watch other moms strut their way in and out of the gym after having just dropped their kids off at soccer practice. Not a bead of sweat in sight, not a single strand of hair out of place, and not even the slightest out of breath.

They still have the gall to recommend their pilates class and you try to sound enthusiastic as you secretly scream on the inside.

Luckily for you, we understand the importance of exercise for busy moms who can’t make time to go to the gym. That’s where home gym equipment comes in handy!

You don’t have to clear your spare room to make space for everything a gym has to offer, you don’t have to break the bank, and you don’t have to spend hours exercising when you need to take care of the kids. We’ve got you covered!

Best Dumbbell Set

Basic weight sets are a lot more effective than you might think. If upper body strength is something you want to focus on, or perhaps you want to try and slim down those lovely bingo wings, you should try a dumbbell set. 

This set comes with three pairs of weights, ranging from 3-pounds to 8-pounds. Don’t be fooled by the lightest 3-pounds dumbbells, as they can be highly effective with the right type of exercise.

The real beauty of a dumbbell set is that you can pick them up whenever you like to complete a rep. Of course, you should always stretch before exercising to avoid injury, but these are so easy and quick to use that it’s enough to say “I exercised today” without spending hours on different forms of equipment. 

This set comes with a handy stand to keep the dumbbells in place when not in use. The weights are made of a good-quality neoprene coating that allows for a tight grip regardless of sweat.

The shape is also hexagonal instead of circular, so you can leave them on the table or countertop without them rolling over - a bonus for having kids running around. 

Recommended exercise: 

If you’re struggling with sore shoulders and knots in your upper back, try this: 

  • Stand straight with your back flat and knees slightly bent. Hold the dumbbells at your sides in each hand. 
  • Lift the weights to shoulder height so your arms are stretched to your left and right. Your palms should be facing the floor, and your core should be braced. 
  • Lower the weights to the starting position, and repeat.


  • Versatile - Lots of exercises for upper-body strength 
  • Safe to use - Neoprene material provides a secure grip and hexagonal shape stops the weights from rolling on a surface
  • Space-saver - Comes with a handy stand to keep the weights safe 


  • Flimsy stand - Stand is may wobble upon impact

Best Stationary Bike

Stationary bikes are a great way of getting some cardio into your day without having to leave the house.

Cycling is one of the best forms of cardio as it gets the heart pumping, burns some calories, and is super easy to do. Stationary bikes are ideal for moms who work from home, or for moms who don’t want to leave their newborn or little ones alone. 

This bike has a quiet belt-driven system to prevent waking up the kids, adjustable handlebars and padded seat, and a range of resistance modes to allow for a relaxed or challenging workout.

The LCD monitor is built-in to track the time, distance, speed, and calories burnt. What’s more, this bike comes with an iPad mount to allow you to listen to music, follow an exercise video, or watch the baby monitor. 

As for the build of this bike, it comes with wheels for easy transportation. At 40” x 22” x 46” (LxWxH), this bike can fit into a spare room or bedroom comfortably. 

Recommended exercise:

After stretching and warming up, you should try simple interval training. This can be adjusted depending on how much time and energy you have - you can’t really go wrong!

  • Cycle for 5 minutes at a steady pace on the lowest setting, then do one minute of high-intensity cycling on a higher setting. 
  • Cycle for 2 minutes at a steady pace on the lowest setting, and then turn the setting up one level for another 2 minutes. 
  • Cycle for 1 minute of high intensity at a higher setting.
  • Cycle for 4 minutes at the second lowest setting, and then do another minute of high-intensity cycling at a higher setting. 
  • Cycle for 3 minutes at the second lowest setting, and then do another minute of high-intensity cycling at a higher setting. 


  • Great cardio - Stationary bikes are the best form of cardio without leaving the house
  • Easy to use - Lots of exercises can be done on a bike
  • Quiet belt-driven system - Won’t wake up the kids or neighbors


  • Uncomfortable seat - Recommended to buy extra padding for seat comfort

Best Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are one of the most underrated pieces of home gym equipment. They take up the least amount of space when not in use, they’re affordable, and you can do so much with them. 

This product comes with both a regular yoga mat and a knee pad. They are both half an inch thick and come with double-sided non-slip surfaces, so they can be used on any type of flooring. This is also ideal for providing cushioning for the body when stretching or doing yoga. 

Not only this, but the material is moisture-resistant, so you can wash the mat and pad easily if you’ve had a particularly sweaty workout - or if your kid has accidentally spilled some juice. 

Recommended exercise:

The beauty of yoga mats is that you don’t have to necessarily do yoga on them.

Of course, yoga is a great way to stretch the body and focus the mind, which is great to do first thing in the morning or when you have a spare 10 minutes to yourself. 

You can just use the mat for stretching or floor workouts such as sit-ups if you don’t want to hurt your back on the hard floor. 


  • Portable - Additional straps help to keep the mat rolled up, which can be transported easily
  • Versatile - Yoga mats don’t have to be exclusively used for yoga
  • High-quality - Thick, padded, and non-slip materials make a durable yoga mat and knee pad


  • Floor space - You will need to clear the room for sufficient floor space when using the mat

Best Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are ideal for moms who want to strengthen and tone their legs and glutes. Taking care of kids can be exhausting and similar to cardio exercises, so most moms won’t take the time to work on toning their bodies. 

Resistance bands are incredibly versatile pieces of home gym equipment. They can be used during Pilates, CrossFit, yoga, or general lower-body workouts. Simply put an exercise video on and get squatting! 

These resistance bands are great because they take up the smallest amount of storage and space, and can be used anywhere (if you have time to go to the gym you can take them). This product comes with a set of three bands at different resistance levels and is made of a soft fabric to prevent them from sliding and rolling upwards. 

Recommended exercise:

As resistance bands are so versatile, you can incorporate them into any basic workout to enhance your legs and glutes.

We wouldn’t recommend using these bands as your sole exercise, as you will get the best results from workouts alongside these exercises. 

Our favorite way to use these bands is to place a band above the knees whilst squatting to activate the glute muscles. 


  • Versatile - Product includes 3 bands ranging in resistance and can be used with any workout
  • Anti-slip - Made of soft fabric to prevent the bands from slipping or rolling
  • Space-saving - Bands take up the least amount of space compared to other home gym equipment


  • Not for sole exercise - We don’t recommend using these without other exercises to achieve the best results

Best Exercise Ball

Again, exercise balls are one of the most underrated pieces of home gym equipment that moms should absolutely invest in.

These are especially useful for pregnant moms to help them with their delivery - if you’re planning a home birth, you’re killing two birds with one stone with this product!

Exercise balls are incredibly versatile and can be used to focus on the hips, thighs, abs, glutes, pelvic floor muscles, balancing, aerobics, and more.

If you’re the type of mom who works from home and doesn’t have a single minute to spare on exercise, you can sit on one of these balls whilst working to multitask. 

This is a low-odor and burst-resistant exercise ball that is recommended for moms by trainers. Not only are they great for toning muscles, but they’re also ideal for helping back pain and balance. 

Recommended exercise:

There are so many ways to use an exercise ball that we simply cannot list them all, so here’s our favorite - the Pike Crunch. 

  • Begin in a plank position with your arms shoulder-width apart and your shins on the ball. Make sure your body is straight by tightening the core muscles. 
  • Then, draw your hips upwards so your feet are now touching the ball and your hips are aligned with your shoulders. You can bend your knees if necessary. 
  • Slowly return to the starting position, and repeat. 


  • Lots of exercises - Great for core muscles, glutes, hips, thighs, balance, toning, and pelvic floor muscles
  • Multitasking - Can be used whilst working
  • Ideal for pregnant moms - Very helpful for relieving back pain and delivery


  • Kids might enjoy - Kids might find this too fun to bounce around on, which might encourage air loss

Best Home Gym Equipment For Moms Buying Guide

Importance of Home Gym Equipment

Whether you’re a mom of four children or a mom to a newborn, you will understand the struggles of keeping up with exercise.

The last person you think of in your family is yourself, but you need to maintain a strong and healthy body to keep everyone afloat. Sometimes, it’s just not possible to justify a gym membership when you might be lucky enough to go 3 times a month. 

Home gym equipment has become increasingly popular due to the convenience and money-saving benefits. Instead of having to spend money on memberships, you can do your own workouts and exercises in the comfort of your own home.

It also means you can keep an eye on your kids, and even better, get them involved. 

There isn’t a rule book when it comes to home gym equipment. Moms will need to consider the following factors: 

  • How much room they have in the house
  • Their budget
  • What they want to gain from exercise 
  • How often they can commit to achieve results

The beauty of home gyms is that nobody is there to pressure you. Moms feel pressured enough as it is without having a personal trainer telling them what to do next. If you only have space for a stationary bike in the garage or an exercise ball in your bedroom, this is so much better than not doing anything at all! 

Most importantly, exercise is wonderful for improving your mood and mental health. Treating yourself to some gym equipment, even if it is just a yoga mat, will allow you some well-deserved “you time”. It’s not about developing the perfect body - it’s about achieving the best results to maintain your mental wellbeing. 

Of course, the cheapest and most accessible piece of home gym equipment is your own body. If you’re a mom who can’t justify going out for a run because you can’t leave the kids, or you’re exhausted after a day from work and you want to stay at home, home gym equipment is a great boost to encourage you to exercise.

It’s all under your terms and time management, so you can bounce on your exercise ball whilst reading the kids a book at bedtime if you really want to!

Home Gym Equipment Recommendations

Aside from the products we have recommended, here are some other useful pieces of home gym equipment that are great investments for busy moms. 

  • Treadmill running machine
  • Pilates bar kit
  • Weight bench
  • Fitness trampoline
  • Rowing machine
  • Weighted hula hoop

Frequently Asked Questions

What home exercise equipment is the most effective? 

It all depends on what physical results you want to achieve. Generally speaking, we recommend stationary bikes the most.

Stationary bikes are an awesome form of cardio that doesn’t take up much room, doesn’t break the budget, burns calories, and can be used in different levels of intensity.

These bikes also mean you don’t have to leave the house if you’re a stay-at-home mom or dad, and you’re not spending excessive amounts of money on classes or gym memberships to stay in shape. 

Is treadmill or exercise bike better? 

Both treadmills and exercise bikes are great forms of cardio, and both have their advantages and disadvantages. In short, treadmills are better for burning calories and losing weight, whilst exercise bikes are a safer option for improving the quality of your muscles. 

Treadmills are a great way to take yourself for a run without going outside. These workouts are generally more intense than exercise bikes and burn more calories.

However, they are expensive and large pieces of equipment that can also be incredibly noisy. It is also more recommended to run outdoors, as treadmills have a high risk of injury. 

Exercise bikes may be less intense and less of a calorie-burner than treadmills, but they are more suitable for home gyms. They take up little space, they are affordable, and the belt-drive systems are very quiet. These pieces of equipment are also better for toning the body and have a lower risk of injury. 

What gym equipment is best for beginners? 

Stationary bikes are great for introducing cardio into your life within your own terms. You can follow a high-intensity class, or you can simply cycle to warm your body up. 

Resistance bands are very easy to use and a good way to tone your legs and glutes. Simple exercises such as squats and lunges can be improved and enhanced greatly but resistance bands help to challenge the user, which will create better and faster results. 

Weighted hula hoops are a fun piece of gym equipment. You can buy these online and they are very easy to use. Weighted hula hoops are designed to improve core strength. Plus, they are a fun way to get some exercise into your daily routine.