Best Jogging Stroller

It can be pretty difficult to keep your busy life’s schedule in line with your fitness goals. When you include your baby in the equation, you’re probably wondering what “free time” actually is. The good news is that you can now carry on your fitness routine even when taking the little one out in their stroller.

No need to hire a babysitter anymore. There is a selection of jogging strollers available for you to take advantage of today. There are numerous models for you to choose from with many sporting unique features. However, with so many to choose from, it can be a tricky task when choosing one for you and your baby.

Best Jogging Stroller

You’re probably wondering what ages these jogging strollers are suitable for. Well, we have researched the very best jogging strollers on the market and found models that have passed multiple road tests with 6-month-old babies to 5-year-olds. 

In this article, we have chosen the top 5 jogging strollers so you can stay at the peak of your fitness at all times. All of these include features that will help you and your baby move comfortably in all kinds of weather conditions. 

So, let’s not wait any longer. Here are our best strollers for you to continue jogging from now on!

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Thule Chariot Cross Multisport Trailer & Stroller

If you want to run all year round, no matter the weather, the Thule Chariot Cross is the stroller for you. The most wonderful feature of this stroller is that it can convert into a bike trailer when needed and can even be used as a cross-country ski sled during those snowy months.

Your child is kept very safe in this stroller thanks to a front covering screen and plastic shield. You can pull down each of these independently so your child is safe and warm during colder periods of the year.

Even if you experience heavy snow in your region, nothing will stop you from heading out again. As long as your kid is wearing a snowsuit and a few blankets, you can both enjoy the snow together. 

While Chariot Cross isn’t quite the size of an actual chariot, it is one of the largest models on the market. However, it moves seamlessly across the ground. This larger design is ideal for growing kids too.

Even 7-year-olds are known to have fitted into this stroller with ease. We also love its enclosed design so there is no chance that your child will lose their favorite toys from the stroller.


  • Double-wide model available - There are strollers available so you can push two children along at the same time
  • Versatile - Can be used in all weather conditions, even heavy snow
  • Keeps your child safe - Enclosed design keeps your child out of harm’s way and warm during colder months 


  • Defective wheels in some models - The wheels have needed to be replaced in a handful of models 


Thule Urban Glide 2 Jogging Stroller - Single Baby Stroller Perfect for Daily Strolling and Jogging - Features 5-Point Harness, Lightweight and Compact , Durable and Versatile Design for all Terrains

Here, we have a top-quality jogging stroller that boasts some excellent safety features for your child and you as you go about daily life. It also has the option of attaching a car seat or bassinet to it if required.

There are several features that stand out in this stroller but the main one has to be its front swivel wheel. This locks in place for when you’re jogging so there are no sudden, jerky movements that could upset your kid.

It is also very easy to fold into a compact size for storage. Suspension may not be the first feature that comes to mind with a stroller but the Thule Urban Glide 2 is built to handle all surfaces. You also have the option of purchasing a bumper bar for additional levels of safety. 

As we said, there are so many features to mention. As well as its canopy window, the Urban Glide 2 boasts side ventilation to keep your little one fresh at all times.

Thanks to a wrist strap, a reflective band on the canopy and wheels, and a hand brake, this is one of the safest strollers on the market. And then there is oodles of storage space to take advantage of. As you know, you can never have too much storage! 


  • Ideal for the serious jogger - This heavy-duty stroller is made to withstand all conditions and surfaces thrown at it so you can jog to your heart’s content
  • Very safe - Has multiple safety features to ensure the safety of your child and yourself
  • Good ventilation - Some strollers can become a little warm when the canopy is down but side ventilation ensures your little one is fresh at all times 


  • Stiff foot brake - Can be a little difficult to operate on occasions
  • Folds out, not in - This leaves the fabric unprotected from the floor which could see it wear more quickly 


BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller, Black

If you’re on the lookout for a compact stroller that is perfect for city runners, then the BOB Gear Rambler Jogging Stroller may be the one for you. If you have limited space to store your stroller, then this lightweight model will make your life a lot easier.

With its 12-inch wheels and easy-to-fold design, the BOB Gear stroller is simple to put in the trunk of most cars, even smaller types. Its compact design also makes it a breeze to push around shopping aisles when needed.

This three-wheeled stroller is as close as you can get to a traditional stroller while still allowing you to run. It has a size limit of 75 pounds but this has been questioned by some parents who say it’s more like 50 pounds.

What it may lack in weight support, it more than makes up for in features such as bump-absorbing shocks.

These will ensure your child has the most comfortable experience possible. It also sports a sizable canopy to keep the sun from your toddler and an easy-to-use one-handed recline adjustment.

You will love the roomy cargo available underneath too, despite its small stature.


  • Lightweight - Weighing only 25 pounds, this is a joy to push around and easy to store
  • Bump-absorbing shocks - Provides a smooth ride for your child to enjoy as they are pushed along
  • Good amount of cargo space - Despite its small size, you can easily fit a bag of groceries underneath as well as other necessary items 


  • Tips a bit with a heavier child - Although it is advertised to support up to 75 pounds, some have found its maximum weight is more around the 50 pounds mark


Graco Jogging Stroller | Modes Jogger 2.0, Binx

Next is one of the best budget strollers available today. Costing almost half as much as most models on our list, the Graco Jogging Stroller is ideal for those of you who only head outside with the stroller occasionally when the weather is being kind.

This Graco stroller is all about value for money. Useful features such as its 16-inch rear wheels help it roll serenely and smoothly.

Couple this with its spacious cargo basket underneath and you have enough room to hold a bag of groceries and the whole collection of your child’s stuffed toys.

We really liked how this stroller is compatible with all Graco infant car seats which can be positioned to face the parent or straight ahead.  

Adjustable calf support allows your child to enjoy a comfortable ride, especially as they grow quickly. It is also supremely easy to spot clean or wipe clean after a dirtier than usual jog.

It comes with a safety tether and red reflectors so it is always visible and extremely safe for your little one. And, don’t worry about struggling to store it thanks to its one-handed, self-standing folding feature for top convenience every time. 


  • Lots of storage - Included a child’s tray with cup holders, a parent’s tray with cup holders, an extra-large storage basket, and smartphone storage 
  • Budget-friendly - One of the most affordable strollers on the market which offers great value for money
  • Compatible with all Graco infant car seats - Offers an easy transition from stroller to car so you can get going as soon as possible


  • The parking brake is a little tricky to use - You have to step on two pedals to operate the brake 
  • No suspension - Although a smooth ride, it could be made smoother with the advent of suspension 


Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller, Large Canopy, Lightweight Jogger, Extra Large Air Filled Tires, Black

Suitable for babies 3 months old and up, the Joovy Zoom 360 Ultralight Jogging Stroller can also be used for newborns with a car seat. While this model doesn’t have the top-end features of higher-end strollers, it certainly offers one of the smoothest rides.

This stroller from Joovy offers a parent console so you can fit your personal belongings safely in while you jog or run. It also sports a huge canopy and a higher than usual seat position so your kid can enjoy a better view compared to other models.

On occasions, strollers can experience flat tires but Joovy have you covered! The Zoom 360 Ultralight stroller comes with a tire pump to help you get going quickly as well as an auto-lock feature to ensure it remains closed once it has been folded.

This stroller can support a weight up to 75 pounds without a car seat and with its shock-absorbing suspension, your toddler will drift off to sleep in no time, even when you’re running like Usain Bolt behind the stroller! 


  • Extra-wide seats - Seats are extremely comfortable and higher up for your child to see more as they are pushed along
  • Durable - Made with an aluminum frame for long-lasting use 
  • Includes a parent organizer - Can keep your belongings such as phone and keys in this organizer so they never become lost in travel


  • No hand brake - Can be a little difficult to keep still on an incline and stop suddenly when needed
  • Small storage basket - Can not store as many items as some other models on our list 

Buyer’s Guide 

Before you put your jogging gear on and get ready to purchase your next stroller, there are some key criteria you need to consider first.

Below are some of the most important factors and features to look out for when buying your next jogging stroller. 

Locking front wheel 

The majority of jogging strollers feature wheels that can swivel as well as lock in a straight-ahead position. For jogging or running, the front wheel has to be locked.

If it swivels, it can cause instability causing a possible crash. Allowing it to swivel at lower speeds is necessary as it makes it easier to steer while you walk. However, if you push down on the handlebar slightly when the front wheel is locked, it can take some weight off the front wheel making it easier to turn.

With a little practice, it will be possible to do one-handed turning without needing to even slow down.

Safety tether 

A safety tether is a leash that circles around your wrist and is attached to the stroller. This is important in case you lose grip of the stroller’s handle. Therefore, it will never be out of your hand’s reach and always attached to you. 


This goes without saying but you need good brakes to come to quick stops when required. You also need a good parking brake which should be used every time you come to a stop. This is highly recommended if you live in hilly areas where the stroller can easily move downhill. Some jogging strollers also feature a hand brake to help you slow it down more easily. 

A Canopy 

You should go for a stroller with an extra-large canopy. This is so your child will be better shielded from the sunlight. Also recommended is a built-in peekaboo screen so you can easily keep an eye on your little one as you jog.

A five-point harness 

If you’re looking for a baby’s car seat, you will want one with a harness. The same goes for a jogging stroller. This is so your child remains secure at all times as you navigate different terrains at different speeds. 

The weight 

If you run on hills or challenging terrain quite regularly, you should consider using a lighter-weight jogging stroller. Remember that your growing kid will be in the stroller too so you don’t want to over-exert yourself every time you head out with them and the stroller. Every pound and ounce counts.

An adjustable handlebar 

If more than one person will be phishing the stroller, an adjustable handlebar can come in very useful. This will make it more comfortable for people with different heights as they can adjust the handlebar to suit their stature with ease. 

Reclining seats 

One of the main reasons we take our kids in a stroller is to try and send them to sleep. Thankfully, the motion of the ride usually sends most kids off to slumberland quite quickly. Therefore, a reclining seat is preferred so they can lie back comfortably and dream away. 


Kids grow fast and you want a jogging stroller that can adjust to their sizes. And, if you have two kids, make sure you can choose a model that offers two spacious seats. If two parents intend to use the stroller, it should have an adjustable handle to suit their different heights.

Many models click into three positions to suit all heights. It may not sound like much but it will put less stress on your shoulders and arms as you push. 

Larger wheels 

Jogging strollers are not built like regular strollers. These require some sort of suspension or shock absorber to securely handle your running speeds and all kinds of bumpy terrains. Look for a stroller with larger wheels as these will roll far more smoothly at faster speeds and are much better at absorbing imperfections in various road surfaces.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Can you use a jogging stroller as a regular stroller? 

In general, jogging strollers can be used for slower walks, strolling, and shopping throughout the city. But, you will need a stroller with a front wheel that swivels easily so you can maneuver it with ease around shopping aisles and various obstacles that come your way. 

When should I start using a jogging stroller? 

The majority of experts agree that you should not take your child out in a jogging stroller until they’re around a year old. This is because they usually need to have the strength to hold their head up by themselves which is not possible during their first few months. You may notice that some strollers are advertised as being safe for 3-month-olds but these are closer to infant models. 

You can choose a stroller suitable for younger ages by opting for one with equipment that can convert from a standard stroller into an infant one. Some models, such as the Thule Chariot Cross above, offer a padded sling that cradles your baby with secure, protective sides. Others are compatible with car seats for extra protection and assurance.