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Whether you need to take a trip to the grocery store or you find that a gentle stroll is the best way for helping your baby fall asleep, at some point you may need to take your baby out in their stroller. But, during the summer when the air temperature begins to soar, there is an increased danger of them overheating.

Portable fan

This is especially true when you’re trying to find that fine line between keeping the sun’s harmful rays off your baby’s skin, while simultaneously trying to keep them cool.

Certain clothes will keep their skin protected, but they may also cause their internal temperature to rise. A sunshade may seem like the perfect solution, but even this can cause overheating as it makes it harder for air to circulate throughout the stroller. 

So, just how can you keep your baby cool and protected at the same time? The answer comes in the form of a stroller fan. These genius devices are designed to clip directly onto your stroller and help to keep your baby cool in the hot weather. 

But, with so many to choose from, how can you be sure that you’ve chosen the best stroller fan for your little one’s needs? To make things a little easier, we’ve done the hard work for you! Below, you’ll find a list of the best stroller fans available. You’ll also find a super useful buyer’s guide that’s packed with information on what to keep in mind when making your final decision.


SkyGenius Battery Operated Clip on Mini Desk Fan, Black

Let’s kick things off by taking a look at our top pick. The SkyGenius Clip-On Mini Fan features a high-quality motor that is capable of delivering up to 75 ft/s of wind speed. Perfect for those days when you want to go for a stroll, but the outdoor temperature would normally prevent you. 

Despite operating with such a cooling force, this mini fan is incredibly quiet. This makes it ideal for keeping your baby cool without disturbing their sleep. It also means that it is easily transferable to their crib, acting as supplemental cooling alongside your home’s AC system. 

Attaching this fan to your stroller or your baby’s crib couldn’t be easier thanks to the clip-on design. You can also position the fan vertically or horizontally, and the 360º rotation allows you to create the perfect cooling angle. 

Another fantastic feature this stroller fan has to offer is the built-in rechargeable battery. Simply charge it up using the included USB cable, and you’ll get 3-6 hours of cooling power depending on the speed settings you use.

You can even keep it running continuously when needed, using the USB cable as a constant power supply. 


  • Powerful - features a powerful motor that delivers up to 75 ft/s of wind speed
  • Quiet - no need to worry about the noise of the fan disturbing your baby’s sleep 
  • Easy to use - simply attach to your baby’s stroller or crib using the built-in clip
  • 360º rotation - makes it easy to achieve the perfect cooling-angle
  • Rechargeable - features a Li-ion battery that can be recharged using the included USB cable


  • No preset buttons - you can only adjust the speed using a dial, which some people found was slightly less convenient than being able to push a button


WiHoo Baby Stroller Fan, Clip On Portable Rechargeable Battery Operated Mini Handheld Car Seat Small USB Desk Personal Fan for Stroller Accessories/Crib/Home Office

Some strollers feature bars and handles that would be quite difficult to attach a traditional clip-on fan to. If your stroller falls into this category, the WiHoo Clip-On Stroller Fan would be an excellent choice for keeping your baby cool.

This is because it features a flexible tripod design that can be wrapped and bent around awkward shapes. 

This tripod is made from high-quality metal and silicone as well, which ensures excellent stability and grip. This means there’s no need to worry about it sliding out of place, even when you cross slightly rougher terrain. 

It’s also very easy to operate and features a simple power button and a speed control button on the back.

Meanwhile, the upgraded fan blades and a choice of three speed settings allow you to achieve the perfect level of cool air while remaining quiet enough to not disturb your baby while they sleep. 

This stroller fan comes with a rechargeable battery that will give you 6-15 hours of use depending on the speed settings you choose. It can also be run continuously, using the included USB cable as a power supply.

To top it all off, this stroller fan is available in four colors, so you’ll be able to find the perfect match for your stroller. 


  • Flexible tripod design - ideal for attaching to awkwardly-shaped bars and handles
  • Strong and secure - the sturdy metal and silicone design ensures this stroller fan stays in place at all times
  • Easy to use - features a one-push power button and a speed selection button
  • 3 speed settings - allows you to create the perfect level of cool air while remaining quiet
  • Rechargeable - the included rechargeable battery gives you 6-15 hours of use


  • No oscillation - however, thanks to the flexible tripod design, it’s quite easy to achieve a unique cooling-angle


F170 Clip On Fan - Auto Rotation Personal Fan - 5000 mAh Battery Operated Fan, USB Desk Fan Stepless Speeds Control, Powerful Airflow for Hurricane, Camping, Office, Car

If you’re looking for a stroller fan that has an oscillating feature, you can’t go wrong with the COMLIFE F170 Clip-On Fan.

Its 80º horizontal auto-oscillation feature doesn’t only mean it’s capable of cooling your stroller more efficiently, but it prevents cool air from being blown directly onto your baby for an extended time. 

You can also switch between auto and manual oscillation as required and, with the 360º horizontal and vertical rotation, creating that perfect cooling-angle is easier than ever. The improved clamp design also makes attaching it to a stroller, crib, or car seat super easy. 

This stroller fan features a built-in 5000 mAh rechargeable battery that can be charged using the included USB cable, and you’ll get 4-6 hours of use from a single charge. You can also use it as a continuous, supplemental cooling fan by running it with the USB cable. 

One standout feature that this stroller fan has to offer is its caged box with a narrow grill. This makes it virtually impossible for little fingers to get through, keeping your baby safe while the fan is running.

There are also four colors to choose from (black, blue, pink, and white), giving you the opportunity to match it perfectly with the design of your stroller. 


  • Oscillating feature - features an 80º horizontal oscillation feature that cools the inside of the stroller more efficiently and prevents cold air from continuously blowing directly onto your baby
  • 360º horizontal and vertical rotation - makes it easy to create the perfect cooling-angle
  • Improved clamp design - easily attaches to a stroller or crib and stays firmly in place at all times
  • Rechargeable - feature a built-in 5000 mAh battery that provides 4-6 hours of use
  • Safety features - the caged box design and narrow grill keeps the blades protected and stops inquisitive little fingers from getting injured


  • Noisier than some stroller fans - the noise of this fan could be potentially sleep-disturbing when running at the highest speed


Jiffi 5000Mah Portable Battery Operated Fan, Baby Stroller Fan Flexible Tripod Small Clip on fan for Bike & Treadmill,USB Rechargeable and Handheld Cooling Fan for Travel, Car Seat, Golf Cart, Bed

The Jiffi Clip-On Fan with Flexible Tripod is another excellent choice for anybody who would struggle to attach a traditional clip-on fan to their stroller.

The strong metal construction and silicone coating of the tripod provide a secure, non-slip grip, even when you’re strolling across bumpy ground. 

It also features 360º rotation, making it easy to keep the inside of your stroller cool from any angle. Meanwhile, the 2470 RPM max rotating speed allows you to circulate cool air quickly and efficiently, even on the hottest day. It even allows you to choose between three speed settings. 

This high-performance doesn’t mean that this stroller fan is noisy, though. In fact, it features a brushless motor that operates at a noise level of less than 57dB. This is equivalent to the noise level of a normal conversation.

It also comes with a rechargeable battery that will provide 6 - 20 hours of use, depending on the speed settings you choose. 

One of the things that we like most about this fan, apart from its undeniably impressive performance features, is that it’s easy to clean! As with any fan, dust and debris can collect on the blades over time.

This stroller fan features an easy-open frame that makes it easy to clean them whenever needed. 


  • Flexible tripod design - allows you to secure the fan to awkwardly-shaped bars and handles
  • 360º rotation - this, paired with the flexible tripod, makes it easy to create the perfect cooling-angle
  • 2470 Max RPM and 3 speed settings - gives you more control over the force of the cool air being generated
  • 57dB noise level - operates quietly and helps to ensure your baby stays cool while getting undisturbed sleep
  • Rechargeable - includes a 5000 mAH rechargeable battery that provides 6 - 20 hours of use depending on the speed settings you select


  • Battery runs out quickly on the highest setting - this is something that you’ll need to think about if you plan on taking your baby for a stroll on a particularly hot day


FRIZCOL Portable Stroller Fan, Use As Power Bank, 55H 12000mAh Battery Operated Fan Flexible Tripod Baby Car Seat Fan, Personal Mini Handheld/Desk/Small Clip On Fans For Stroller, Carseat (Blue02)

If you’re looking for a stroller fan that you can use for a longer period of time without having to worry about recharging, the FRIZCOL Portable Stroller Fan could be the perfect choice.

This is because it features a 12000 mAh rechargeable battery that offers up to 55-hours of use from a single charge! And, when the time does come to recharge it, all you have to do is plug in the included USB cable.

It’s not just the incredible battery life that makes this stroller fan a great choice, though. It also features a flexible tripod that allows you to create a strong, secure grip on almost any bar or handle.

There are three speed settings too, and it features 360º horizontal and vertical rotation. This makes it super easy to create the perfect cooling angle. 

The 5.5-inch blades and cage also mean that this stroller fan is capable of cooling the inside of your stroller in a quicker time compared to some other fans.

The grid openings on the front and the back are smaller than some other stroller fans too, so there’s no need to worry about little fingers getting injured. 

Another fantastic feature this stroller fan has to offer is its whisper-quiet noise level of less than 30dB. This means that your baby will be able to keep cool without their sleep being disturbed by the noise of the fan.

And, as if all of that wasn’t enough, the quality and performance of this stroller fan are backed by an included 700-day warranty. 


  • Super-long battery life - gives you up to 55 hours of use from a single charge
  • Flexible tripod design - makes it easy to attach securely to almost any bar or handle 
  • 360º horizontal and vertical rotation - allows you to create the perfect cooling-angle
  • Whisper-quiet noise level - operates with less than 30dB of sound, allowing your baby to get some sleep without the fan waking them up
  • Includes a 700-day warranty - gives you peace of mind that, in the unlikely event of something going wrong, you’re covered for repair or replacement 


  • The foam legs can tear over time - however, this doesn’t seem to affect its stability or grip

Buyer’s Guide

While it may seem as though buying a stroller fan is a fairly straightforward task, there is more to it than meets the eye. Will it stay securely in place when you stroll across bumpy ground? How long will it hold a charge? How noisy is it?

These are just a few of the things you need to consider before you make your final decision. To help make things easier, we’ve compiled a list of key points to keep in mind when you start shopping for a stroller fan. Taking a little extra time to check for these will help you find the best stroller fan possible and, ultimately, will save you time and money.


The first thing you need to think about is the design of the fan, and there are two main points to think about here - the grip and the grill size. 

Let’s look at the grip first. In most cases, you’ll be given the choice between a traditional clip-on design and a flexible tripod. Clip-on stroller fans are easier to attach, but they aren’t as flexible. This means that it can be harder to attach them securely to an awkwardly shaped bar or handle. 

The choice you make will ultimately come down to personal preference, but we’d recommend choosing a stroller fan with a flexible tripod grip. You do have to put a little more effort into attaching them to your stroller, but their flexibility means you’ll be able to create a secure grip across a variety of differently shaped stroller parts. 

Now, let’s look at grill size. The grill is the cage that surrounds the fans and, essentially, stops your baby from hiring themselves. When it comes to a stroller fan, you want the spacing in the grill to be as small as possible. This will prevent little fingers from getting in and causing a nasty injury. 

Rotation / Oscillation

It’s also important to think about rotation and oscillation when choosing a stroller fan. Babies sit in all kinds of positions and, to keep them cool, you’ll need to be able to adjust the flow of air going into the stroller accordingly. You also want to be able to cool the air around them, rather than continuously blowing directly onto them.

To achieve these things, choose a stroller fan that has an oscillating feature or that can be rotated up to 360º. This will allow you to create the perfect cooling angle. 

Battery Life

Each of the stroller fans we’ve chosen above feature a rechargeable battery. However, some last a lot longer than others depending on speed settings and usage. So, before you make your final choice, think about how often you’re able to recharge the fan. 

As a busy parent, it can be all too easy to let certain things slip your mind. If you feel as though you may forget to recharge the battery, it would be best to choose a stroller fan that offers a really long battery life. The FRIZCOL Portable Stroller Fan is an excellent example of this, giving you up to 55 hours of battery life from a single charge. 

Noise Level

Finally, you need to consider the noise level that your chosen stroller fan will produce. Many babies fall asleep when taken out in their stroller, but if the fan is too noisy there is a higher risk of their sleep being disturbed. This can lead to a grumpy baby and a very tired parent!

The best way to ensure that your fan isn’t going to disturb your baby’s sleep is to choose one that has a noise output of less than 80dB. This is also ideal if you would like to attach the fan to your baby’s crib to help keep them cool at night. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a stroller fan?

A stroller fan is a small, portable fan that can be attached to a stroller, crib, or car seat. They are ideal for keeping your baby cool during the summer months or when their temperature is particularly high.