How To Close Graco Stroller

Graco is a popular brand that manufactures strollers, car seats, and travel systems. They have produced a range of strollers that differ slightly in regards to design. 

For many new parents, figuring out how to close a stroller can seem like quite a learning curve. The majority of Graco strollers that were made during the 21st are easy to collapse. 

How to close Graco stroller

Simply tug the necessary components and the stroller will close. Older models that were made before this time, may be a little more difficult to collapse. Aside from this, it is also worth noting that the folding mechanism can differ slightly between newer models. 

If you are struggling with the concept of folding the Graco stroller that you have purchased, you will benefit from reading our guide below where we have covered the steps involved in the process for both new and old models. Continue reading if you would like to find out more. 

Folding an old Graco stroller

First, you will need to make sure that the stroller is empty and you have removed all of your belongings including any accessories which are likely to get in your way. 

Next, engage the brakes by applying pressure to the lever that is situated on the rear of the pram next to the wheels. Doing this will stop the stroller from moving unexpectedly. 

Depending on the model, you may need to lock the front wheels too. If this applies to your model, you will find a lever between both of the front wheels which you will either need to press down or lift up. 

Following on from this, the canopy of the stroller will need to be collapsed. You can do this by gently tugging on it until it folds. 

Once you have collapsed the canopy, you will need to recline the seat as far as it will go. Again depending on the age of your stroller, it may be designed with latches that need to be undone first. 

Inspect your stroller for a low handle. There are multiple places where this feature may be situated, e.g near the wheels or base on either the right or left side of the stroller.

Once you have located the handle, a gentle pull on it will soon fold the pram and bring the wheels closer together. It is worth noting that this handle on some models may be designed with a button that needs to be pressed before this is possible.

As the stroller begins to fold, ensure that you give yourself plenty of time to remove your hand to prevent your fingers from getting stuck. 

Folding a new Graco stroller

Graco Verb Click Connect

This is a popular model that is lightweight and therefore easy to carry. Closing this stroller is also pretty straightforward and a task that can be done in a matter of minutes. 

On the handlebar of this stroller, you will find a thumb switch. Apply pressure to this switch to hold it down before moving it in the opposite direction. On the handle, you will also find a lever. Straight after pressing the switch, you will need to lift this lever upwards. Push the handlebar until the stroller is completely folded. A snapping sound will confirm that it is locked properly. 

Graco Jogger Travel System

Parents who enjoy exercising are bound to appreciate this offering from Graco. The jogger travel system is versatile as your children there are multiple ways in which your children can ride in it. The car seat is also a convenient addition. 

To close this travel system you will need to begin by removing the car seat. Then engage the brakes.

Similar to the previous model that we have mentioned, the handlebar is designed with a button. You will need to press this button before rotating the handle forwards.

Also, you must make sure that you engage the storage latch. However, it is likely to do this automatically as you begin to fold the unit down. 

Graco Fast Action Stroller

This is another model from the Graco brand that can be followed with ease. The fast action system is incorporated into several other models. 

First, you will need to locate the fold or unfold strap that can be found in the pocket beneath your child’s seat. Pull this belt and use the handlebar to fold the stroller in half.

You will need to continue pulling on this belt and pushing on the handlebars until you hear it snap into place. This snapping sound will signify that it is locked correctly. The stroller can then be carried with ease between locations. 

Graco Modes 3 Lite DLX Stroller

This stroller is a modern release that boasts a 3-in-1 design. The car seat can be used to transport young infants, whilst the stroller in its natural form can be used to transport toddlers. 

Just like the majority of other strollers produced by the brand, this model is easy to close. To begin, you will need to press the button that can be found on the handlebar.

Then fold the stroller onto itself. As this stroller folds, the storage latch will automatically engage. Using the carry strap, you can then take this stroller to any location where it is needed. The appeal of this pram to many parents is that it can be folded with one hand and this is likely to be appreciated by parents who often find themselves with their hands full. 

Final Thoughts

The majority of Graco strollers can be closed with ease, though the steps involved differ slightly between old and newer models. There are numerous models from the range that are commonly sought after because they are easy to fold and unfold.

Furthermore, you will find with the newer models in particular that they are equipped with similar features which are required to close them. Impressively, in most cases, a Graco stroller can be closed down within a matter of seconds and because of this, they are super manageable.