How To Fold Baby Trend Stroller

You’ve done it! After hours of research and countless debates with yourself and others, you have settled on a Baby Trend stroller. The incredibly popular brand is sweeping the country, helping people transport their babies in comfort and style. 

The stroller arrives, and you couldn’t be more pleased until you try to load it into your car or fold it down at a friend's house. Try as you might; the stroller just won’t fold. You become stuck in a battle with it, pressing any button you can find, hoping for the best, and still, it won’t fold.

How To Fold Baby Trend Stroller

What do you do? Do you leave it on the side of the road, knowing it will be taken? Do you strap it to your car roof and hope for the best? Or do you pause for a moment and let us help you? 

Below we have easy-to-follow step-by-step guides for each model of the Baby Trend stroller to help you fold it with ease. Simply find your stroller below and get ready to fold it easily!

How to fold baby trend stroller

As we are sure you know, there are a few different Baby Trend strollers, and they don’t all fold the same way! So to help you fold those strollers and make at least one part of parenting either, we have got guides to folding all Baby Trend strollers!

Simply check which stroller you have, scroll down to it, and learn how to fold your stroller! It can take a few attempts to execute the perfect stroller fold, so don’t worry if you struggle at first! Just make sure the stroller is empty, take your time, and you will be a stroller folding expert in no time!

Folding Baby Trend Expedition Jogger 

If you have the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger, you can use the three simple steps below to fold your stroller. 

  1. First, hold the red buttons on both sides of the handlebar. Press it to unlatch the buttons, and push upwards towards yourself. 
  2. At the same time, start pulling the stroller towards yourself. As you do this, the stroller should start to fold up and should close easily. 
  3. Once it's collapsed or folded up, it can be balanced on its wheels or stored away, depending on your preference.

Remember you want the stroller to be empty before you begin, including any rubbish you have lurking at the bottom of the stroller (we are guilty of odd receipts and rogue socks getting in our way). 

Folding the Baby Trend Tri-Fold Mini Stroller 

It has fold in the name, so perhaps you thought the Baby Trend Tri-Fold Mini stroller was a good investment and now can’t get the bugger to go down and stay down? In three simple steps, we will revolutionize your life and how you use your stroller!

  1. Begin by pushing the footrest down. 
  2. Hold the buttons in the middle of the handlebar. Push it towards yourself.
  3. To finish, push the stroller forward, and it will close.

And just like that, your stroller is folded! You can then store it as you see fit, whether it's in your car’s trunk or tucked in your hallway. 

Folding the Baby Trend Expedition ELX Stroller

You decided that the Expedition ELX stroller is the one for you but have come undone by buttons and an inability to fold the stroller. Fear not, this stroller is super easy to fold and can be done in just two steps! Keep reading to find out how to fold the stroller. 

  1. To fold the stroller, push the button down in the middle of the handlebar while holding the stroller in the front area. 
  2. Using both hands, fold the stroller in as it starts to collapse. 

There you have it; in two simple steps, your stroller is folded! You must push the button and hold the stroller simultaneously for it to begin to collapse; otherwise, you are going to find yourself pushing with all your might, but nothing is happening!

Folding the Baby Trend Sit N Stand Double Stroller 

You might think that a double stroller is difficult to fold down, but you couldn’t be more wrong! This stroller is even praised for its easy close and open, so if you struggle with folding strollers and need a double one, we strongly recommend considering the Sit N Stand Double stroller. 

Check out the four easy steps to fold this stroller below. 

  1. To fold the stroller, it's a simple one button, one hand fold technique. In no time, you can open and close the stroller. 
  2. First, press the button in the middle area of the handlebar. Twist it at the same time you push the stroller towards the outer side. 
  3. The stroller will then start to fold up on its own. 
  4. Using your other hand, hold the front of the stroller and bring it together. The stroller will collapse and fold fully, ready for storing away safely. 

And there you have it, folding a double stroller has never been easier! Some people find it even easier to have a second person help you, especially if you struggle to hold the handlebar and the front of the stroller simultaneously. 

Where else can I find out about folding my stroller?

If you see these steps for the first time and are unsure where else you can look for the information, whip out your instruction manual! Yes, the hefty booklet that comes with the stroller has step-by-step guides (often with pictures) walking you through folding your stroller. 

It’s worth keeping these booklets on hand to answer any questions about the stroller that you might have. If you’ve misplaced yours, you can usually download a free copy online, keeping you permanently in the loop!

You can also find online tutorials about folding the Baby Trend strollers, which can be super helpful if you are a visual learner! Simply search for the make of your stroller followed by ‘folding’ and let the videos roll in. it’s never been easier to find out more about your stroller!

Final Word

And just like that, we have come to the end of our Baby Trend stroller journey today. As you can see, folding your stroller is easy, no matter the make or model! Using our above steps, your stroller can be folded and stored away in no more than four steps. Just be sure to check the model of your stroller, and don’t forget to check online for tutorials if you need them!