How To Fold Britax Stroller

The Britax stroller is a lightweight pushchair with three wheels. It is designed to be the best choice for parents who want ultimate maneuverability over all terrains. It also aims to be one of the simplest folding strollers on the market.

Britax stroller

We can agree that the Britax is easy to fold and doesn’t need many instructions. However, if you have lost your manual or want to make sure you follow the instructions correctly, we have recreated the method of folding a Britax stroller.

Either follow our quick instruction, our detailed instructions or the helpful video below.

Quick Instructions to Folding the Britax Stroller 

The Britax Stroller is designed to be easy to fold, and in reality, they only need three steps.

Step 1 - Locate the release levers. They will be just below the stroller's handles on the right and left hand side.

Step 2 - Pull up both levers.

Step 3 - Step back as you let the frame and handles glide down towards the back wheels.

That's it. The process is that simple!

Full Safety Instructions to Folding the Britax Stroller

The Briax stroller manual gives you more detailed instructions including locking the swivel wheels and applying the brakes. This is because of the safety features put in place, both for the longevity of the stroller and your own health. Follow these instructions for the complete guide.

Step 1 - Removing Items from The Britax

Your Britax can hold a lot of items in the underseat basket, and though you may be able to fold the stroller with the items still inside, they may break or break your stroller. It is recommended that all items are removed including baby seats. 

Step 2 - Preparing To Fold The Britax

As clips and sliding mechanics are involved, you should remember to keep your and your child’s fingers away from any moving parts. Ideally, your child should be kept clear from the stroller when you are folding it.

Step 3 - Apply The Brake

The back wheels will have a pedal on the inside of the frame. Step on this pedal to apply the brake. You will have successfully used the brake when the indicator window changes from green to red.

Step 4 - Lock the Swivel Wheels

The front wheel can be changed from “Swivel” to “Locked.” To lock the wheel, you need to locate the lever, which is above the wheel but underneath the frame. Pull it down.

Step 5 - Close the Canopy

Closing the canopy is easy. Simply push it back towards the handlebars. You can remove it if you wish, but it is not necessary when folding the stroller.

To remove the canopy, locate the clips on either side of the material, and push them until you hear a click. Then lift them out of the frame.

Step 6 - Make The Backrest Sit Up

Depending on the model of your Britax stroller, you will either find a level on the back of the child's seat which you can pull to lower or lift the backrest, or there will be straps. If there are straps, you should tighten them to the top level to avoid materials getting caught in the frame.

Step 7 - Adjust The Leg Rest To The Lowest Position

On both sides of the leg rests, you will see release buttons near the hinges. Press and hold these buttons while pulling or pushing the leg rest down or up. When it is at the lowest position, release the button.

Step 8 - Adjust The Pivotal Handle To The Highest Position

The handles can be adjusted to be upright, level, or down. You need the handles to be at their highest position. To do this, you need to locate the two release buttons on the side of the handles, close to where they meet the frame. Press and hold the button to raise the bar.

Step 9 - Pull The Frame Release Levers

Below the handlebar, you will find a lever on both sides of the frame. Pull the levers and lower the frame towards the ground. You will notice the middle of the stroller starts to collapse. 

Remember to move away from the stroller as you pull it down, so make sure you don’t get caught in the mechanism.

Step 10 - Compress The Frame

Continue to let the stroller fold into itself. Once the handles have reached the back wheels, the chassis lock should activate. This lock allows you to move the folded Britax stroller without it opening back up.

If the lock doesn’t automatically connect, you may need to compress the frame by putting pressure on the handlebars. You should hear a click when the lock connects.

And there you have it! Your Britax Stroller has been successfully folded!

How To Unfolding the Britax Stroller

There are just three steps to unfold a Britax Stroller:

Step 1 - Find the chassis lock. It is the material which is holding the handlebar frame and the main stroller frame together.

Step 2 - Push the release button on the chassis lock.

Step 3 -  Slowly lift the handle until the frame locks into the upright position.

When the frame locks, it will become sturdy again, and you can re-add your items into the stroller.

If you would rather have a video representation to explain how to fold and unfold your Britax stroller there is a video bellow. 

The link is dedicated to 2017 B-Ready and B-Ready G3 strollers, however, the process is similar for every stroller in the Britax collection.