How To Fold Evenflo Stroller

After months of careful consideration and deliberation, you have decided that Evenflo has your heart and purchased one of their strollers!

You aren’t alone in doing so; this brand is incredibly popular thanks to the integrated car seat in the strollers, making traveling and life with a baby that bit easier. 

The purpose of the stroller is to detach the car seat element, safely palace your child in the car and fold the stroller down for storage in your trunk.

How to fold Evenflo stroller

And this is where many people come undone. No matter what they try, they can’t seem to get the stroller to fold. 

Frantically, you press any button you can find, grabbing and pulling at handles to get the stroller down and in your trunk so you can get back to your baby. But the stroller just won’t fold, and panic sets in. 

Well, we are here today to remove that panic once and for all! We will walk you through how to fold your Evenflo stroller and provide some handy tips and tricks along the way too!

So sit back, relax, and prepare to become the stroller folding expert you were born to be. 

How to fold Evenflo stroller

Let’s get straight into it and get your stroller folded! Evenflo has a few different models available, and they fold away slightly differently.

Don’t panic, we will walk you through how each model is folded away, but it’s important that you check which model you have. You can usually find the model name on the stroller itself or in the user manual that your stroller came with.

Once you have located the model of your stroller, you can find it listed below and follow the step-by-step instructions to fold your stroller.

Remember to empty the stroller before you fold it and ensure you are near your baby or cared for properly by someone else. You don’t want to be distracted or worrying about your child when folding your stroller. 

It can take a few attempts to get to grips with folding your Evenflo stroller, so take your time! Don’t worry if it’s difficult at first; after a few attempts, you will be whizzing through the steps!

Why not try folding your stroller at home first so that you can master it and take one stress out of traveling with a baby? 

Keep reading to find your stroller and learn how to fold it! 

Folding Evenflo Sibby Travel System Stroller, Folio Travel System, Sibby Stroller Car Seat Stroller 

These strollers fold similarly, and you can use the steps below to fold or close your stroller. In just five easy steps, your stroller will be folded and ready for storage! Keep reading to find out how. 

  1. Push back the hood of the stroller to the back before attempting to fold or close the stroller. 
  2. Next, take the strap in the seating area of the stroller. It looks like a thin belt or strap that is located in the middle area of the seat. 
  3. Hold the strap with one hand, lifting it into the air slightly, or tug the strap hard. While you do this, give it a good shake. 
  4. The stroller will then start to fold back itself, and it can be closed up easily. 
  5. Once the stroller folds or closes up, it can be left to stand alone or balanced on the wheels. You can also stack the stroller away if needed. 

And there you have it; your Evenflo stroller is folded, ready to be stored away! There might be slight discrepancies on how this works depending on the model of your stroller, so be sure to check your user manual for more information. 

The strollers manual will usually contain a detailed step-by-step guide on using your stroller and folding it away, complete with pictures for you to follow. The manual should be your first port of call for learning how to fold your stroller and usually comes with the stroller when you order it. 

If you cannot locate your manual, you can download a pdf version for free online. Simply search for your Evenflo stroller followed by ‘user manual’ and pdf versions to download should pop up.

We recommend doing this so that you always have a manual handy should you need it. 

Folding Evenflo Journey 300 Travel System Stroller

The Journey 300 Travel System stroller works slightly differently from the other models listed above. Thankfully, you don’t need to panic as we can walk you through folding this stroller too!

Simply follow the four easy steps below to fold your stroller and be on your way. 

  1. On this model, there is a folding strap placed around the hood area of the stroller, just below the middle part of the handles. 
  2. To close the stroller, hold this strap with one hand and tug it in an upward motion. 
  3. At the same time, hold the front part of the stroller with your other hand. Pull it towards the inside while tugging the other strap. 
  4. The stroller will then fold up into a compact form that you can store as you see fit. 

And just like that, your Evenflo stroller is folded! It isn’t too difficult to do, although some users find a second pair of hands helpful, especially if they struggle to reach the stroller’s front. 

After a few attempts, though, we think you will be an expert and shouldn’t encounter any issues along the way!

If you find yourself struggling, be sure to use online tutorials where you can watch someone fold your exact stroller. You can even follow along, which many visual learners find helpful.

Simply search for your Evenflo stroller followed by folding, and videos are sure to pop up, offering you more guidance. 

Final Word

And just like that, we have reached the end of our Evenflo journey today! As you can see, folding your Evenflo stroller isn’t a difficult task.

Just be sure to check your stroller’s model beforehand and consult your user manual if you run into any issues along the way. Always fold an empty stroller and ensure that your baby or the child you care for is safe and being looked after during this time.