How To Put Car Seat In Stroller

As a new parent, the amount of information that you need to know can be overwhelming, especially when it comes to car seats and strollers.

For those that are compatible, the majority of car seats are only compatible with the stroller that they come with. However, some strollers are compatible with multiple brands, too.

Sleeping baby in a car seat carrier

In this article, I will cover some key information and provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to put a car seat in a stroller.

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Before purchasing a stroller and a car seat, there are a few things that you will need to consider which I will go into more detail about below.


First up is adapters. It’s important to know that some strollers and car seats require you to purchase an adaptor or set of adaptors to allow you to attach the car seat to the stroller. These adapters tend to be sold separately, and allow you to put the car seat in the stroller. The adaptors fit on to the stroller chassis (frame) independently before allowing you to attach it to the stroller.

That being said, occasionally a car seat of the same brand will require you to use adaptors to create a travel system. However, these adaptors mean that you could in theory pair a popular car seat with a stroller of a different make, giving you much more varied options when choosing which car seat to opt for.


As I mentioned above, the majority of car seats are only compatible with the stroller that they come with. If you already know that you’d like to try out a few brands, then you will need to do your research and make sure that your stroller is going to be compatible with the car seat that you choose. 

While adapters can make the choice much more varied, you will still need to ensure that the stroller and car seat combination that you’re opting for work together. This will minimize the risk of you buying unnecessary purchases, especially if you can have a stroller and carseat combination in one!

A compatible stroller has a device that allows the car seat to snap onto the stroller safely and securely. This system allows the car seat to sit in the stroller, allowing the parent to safely push their baby around instead of having to carry the car seat.

Some car seats click and lock directly onto the stroller. The great thing about attaching your car seat directly to the frame is you can just take the stroller chassis with you, leaving more room in the car for the rest of your possessions! Not only is this super convenient, but it also means that leaving the house won’t feel like such a huge undertaking when you’re alone with a baby.

A guide on how to put car seat in stroller

Quick note: These steps might differ slightly depending on the car seat and stroller travel system that you use.

Step one: To begin, take the stroller out of the car and place it onto the ground.

Step two: Next, it’s time to prep the stroller by adding any adapters onto your stroller. Skip this step if your car seat is already compatible with the stroller of choice.

Step three: Next, you will need to unclip the car seat from its base in the backseat and take the car seat out of the car.

Step four: Once you have unclipped the car seat from the backseat, it’s time to place the car seat rear facing in the stroller where it will snap into place.

Step five: Check that everything is secure and in place.

Step six: You’re ready to take on the day!

What are the benefits of using an adaptable stroller?

There are various benefits of being able to click your car seat into your stroller.

Easily transfer from car to stroller - Namely, you can easily transfer your sleeping infant to a stroller without having to carry them around and waking them up necessarily. Gone are the days where you need to wait for them to finish their nap in the car! Simply snap the car seat in and you’re good to go.

Saves space - A clear benefit of using an adaptable stroller is how much space you will save in your car. All you need to do is pack the frame in your car, remove the car seat from your car, and snap it into place!

Do all car seats fit in all strollers?

Typically speaking, no, not all car seats are compatible with all strollers. This is why researching is so important! While some strollers work with multiple brands, the majority of strollers are not compatible with different brands of car seats. 

If this is something that you want for convenience, you will need to opt for a stroller that fits multiple brands of car seats or research into adapters that work to make them compatible together.

You might find it more convenient to shop with one brand, to ensure that you don’t need any additional parts to make the two products fit together. However, doing your research provides you with a wealth of information and options to choose from. So, I highly suggest looking before you commit to one brand!

In summary 

Investing in a car seat that safely locks onto your stroller is beneficial for when you’re out and about with an infant and don’t want to carry the car seat!

That being said, the majority of strollers are mostly compatible with the same brand.

As a result, you should always make sure that you do your research on which car seat and stroller combinations work together, and be prepared to pay for additionals such as adapters to make sure that the products are compatible with each other. There is almost always at least one travel system option that will work for you, even if it means investing in an additional product.