How To Use A Jogging Stroller

After having a baby, some parents can find it difficult to adjust to their new lives. You may even want to get back to your pre-baby body as soon as you can to feel a sense of normality again.

This is very common for many moms, and nothing to be ashamed of. Some moms just want to feel like themselves, and get back to their usual daily routines, but with their bouncing baby involved!

This is why jogging strollers have become so popular. More and more moms want to use jogging strollers to keep their babies safe whilst also being able to exercise, keep fit and implement a workout routine. 

What is a jogging stroller?

A jogging stroller is a baby stroller that you can push whilst running, jogging, hiking and walking. Jogging strollers typically have three, air filled wheels, with the front one fitted with locking abilities.

This means that you can lock the front wheel for extra maneuverability and stability whilst pushing, or jogging with the stroller. Jogging strollers are also a lot heavier and far more durable than regular strollers, capable of being used on multiple terrains, and at faster speeds. 

If you are the type of person who enjoys jogging and running, or even just walking frequently along hiking trails and uneven terrain, then a jogging stroller will be best for you and your baby. 

A jogging stroller will give you the flexibility to either jog, run or stroll wherever you want to, whilst fully supporting the baby. What is even better is that jogging strollers are great for uneven terrains, unlike regular strollers, with braking systems, and the front wheel can be locked and unlocked for multiple uses.

How to use a jogging stroller

If you, and the baby are physically ready for a jogging stroller, then you will need to know how to use one properly. The first thing that you need to remember is that the baby’s safety is the top priority.

Ensure that the braking system is working correctly, and make sure that the baby is dressed appropriately for the weather. In addition, if there is a lot of sun, then make sure that the baby has shade, and that there is appropriate coverage from the jogging stroller’s canopy. 

You will also want to find a suitable route to follow. We recommend staying clear of heavily trafficked areas, and finding a bike path or running trail that you can use instead. Always take a cell phone with you in case of an emergency, and stay in well populated areas if you are running with the baby alone. 

Remember to cover yourself and your little one in sunscreen, bring any supplies that the baby may need, and ensure that you have water to keep yourself hydrated. Jogging with a stroller is much harder than regular jogging as you have to carry your own weight, the baby’s weight and the weight of the stroller along with its contents.

Therefore, you should keep in mind that you may not be able to jog, or run as fast as you would before having a baby, so try not to beat yourself up too much if you do not reach your usual target or pace.  

When you are ready to run, we recommend that you check that the front wheel locks effectively, as this will reduce swiveling and swerving into oncoming pedestrians or traffic once you are jogging. You should also connect the wrist strap, if one is available. 

As you may not have jogged for a while since having a baby, you are best off setting a time limit, rather than a distance, as pushing a stroller will slow you down massively. If you usually jog for a certain distance, instead start off with half an hour and build your way up from there.

You will be used to pushing a stroller with two hands, but if you are jogging or running with a stroller, then it is actually better to do so with one on the stroller, and the other pumping you along. 

However, remember to switch arms regularly as this will be tough on just the one. When using just one arm to push, you may find that it is difficult to turn the corners easily, but most jogging strollers will have a switch so that you can unlock the front wheel, and lock it again after passing the corner.

Jogging with a stroller is no easy feat, so start slowly and only jog for a small amount of time, and you can build your way up. Keep in mind that it will get more difficult as your baby grows and gets heavier, but it makes for a great workout! 

When can I use a jogging stroller?

We know how important it can be for many moms to want to get back to their pre-baby bodies. However, it is vital that you have spoken with your doctor, and that you are fit and healthy enough to start running again after giving birth.

In addition, you will need the go ahead from your pediatrician, so that you baby is ready to go in a jogging stroller, too. 

If you begin using a jogging stroller too soon, your baby may be knocked about, or bumped along as you run, which can put them at risk of an injury. For the most part, medical professionals advise that you may begin using a jogging stroller, or running with your stroller once the baby is at least six months old. 

This is largely due to the fact that many jogging strollers do not have fully reclining seats for the baby. Therefore, the baby will need to be able to fully hold their head and neck up, or they will be bounced around too much. This is why they are best suited for babies at 6 to 8 months old. 

If you are unsure whether you should be using a jogging stroller, always seek the advice of a doctor, or medical professional. This will ensure that both you and the baby are ready for a jogging stroller.