How to Use a Jogging Stroller

After you have kids, trying to get your daily exercise into your routine can be a tricky task.

Even though a lot of parents hate to admit it, having a child really does take away a big part of your freedom as suddenly you have to factor childcare into every single decision that you make. 

No longer can you simply go for a run whenever you feel like it, instead you have to meticulously plan out childcare to the specific time of the day when you want to go out for a run, right?

Well not necessarily, thankfully a lot of companies have realized the struggle that is exercising when you have kids and have made some solutions.

One of which is the jogging stroller. This handy stroller hybrid removes the need for childcare altogether, as you can take your child on your run with you, and also intensifies the exercise thanks to the weight of the stroller and your child. 

But mastering these devices can be difficult. They really do take some getting used to, and unfortunately, the majority of these strollers do not come with user manuals to help you out.​

However, there’s no need to worry because we’ve put together this handy guide to how to use a jogging stroller to make your exercise simple. So let’s get started. 

What is a Jogging Stroller?

As its name suggests, a jogging stroller is a stroller that is designed to be used while you jog. They look a lot like regular strollers and are designed with three wheels which make the device easy to push.

Most of the differences between regular strollers and jogging strollers are very subtle, and differences that you might not immediately notice. But they work together to make this type of stroller better for use when exercising than regular strollers. 

One difference between regular strollers and jogging strollers is that the three wheels on a jogging stroller are designed to be smoother than the wheels on a regular stroller.

They are usually made of rubber and are air-filled to make them as light as possible and to make the stroller easier to push. This type of stroller also comes with the option to lock the front wheel in place.

This is recommended when you use a jogging stroller to go for a run as it makes the stroller easier to control. The wheel can easily be unlocked when you use this stroller on a walk so it is very versatile. 

Jogging strollers also come with additional safety features which make them better for use when running than regular strollers. These include safety straps on the handlebar which allow you to attach the stroller to you so that you will never let go of it or lose control.

They are also usually more durable and heavier in design than regular strollers which makes them more stable and also adds to the intensity of your workout. That’s enough about what jogging strollers are, now let’s take a look at how to use them. 

How to use a Jogging Stroller

Now that we know exactly what jogging strollers are, let’s take a look at how to use them. As we have said, jogging strollers really do take some getting used to, even if their physical design isn’t that different from a regular stroller. 

The main difference that you need to remember when using a jogging stroller is how to hold it. With a regular stroller, you will hold it with both hands while you walk, but with a jogging stroller, you should instead use just one hand to hold it at a time.

This can feel very strange the first time that you use the jogging stroller, but the idea is that you use one hand to hold and push the stroller while moving your other hand and arm in the regular ‘running’ motion. This really aids the workout and reminds you that you are exercising, but you must swap hands regularly otherwise the arm that you use to hold the pram can become injured. 

Some people have had serious injury occur to both their hands and arms through only using their dominant hand to push the pram, so it is important to switch even if it seems unnatural.

We recommend setting a time limit for each arm so, for example, you should run pushing the pram with one hand for approximately 20 minutes then stop and switch hands before starting running again. It does feel very awkward at first but you must do this. 

One of the excellent things about running with a jogging stroller compared to running before you had kids is that it also gives your arms a workout. Turning corners with a jogging stroller can be tricky as the front wheel usually locks in place.

This means that to turn corners you will need to tilt the pram onto its back wheels which can be quite straining on the muscles at first. But after a while, this can really tone your arm muscles which is something that you wouldn’t normally get out of running. 

As we have said, running with a jogging stroller really does take some getting used to, so it is best to start on flat ground. Even once you have mastered running with the jogging stroller, running uphill will always be tricky. This is because your baby is always growing, so the weight that you are pushing will continuously be increasing.

If you do decide to tackle uphill running with the jogging stroller, this is the one occasion where you may need to use both hands on the stroller. Running uphill is difficult without a heavy baby and stroller to push in front of you, so if you need a little boost it is perfectly safe to use both hands on this occasion. 


That’s pretty much all there is to using a jogging stroller.

The most intimidating thing about this style of stroller is getting used to controlling it, but once you master it, it can make going for a run an excellent source of exercise as well as giving you plenty of bonding time with your baby.

So the benefits of this type of stroller are clear.