Nuna Mixx Stroller Review

The Nuna Mixx was a hit as soon as it came out, and in 2020 the newest version of the Mixx was released - The Nuna Mixx Next. Seeing as the original Mixx is no longer available, we will begin using these names interchangeably. And at first glance, you might even think these strollers were the same. 

Nuna Mixx Stroller

This review will compare the Nuna Mixx Next with its predecessor, with other similar strollers, and with our general expectations.

At first glance, this Nuna Mixx is a beautiful and sleek stroller without any unnecessary bells and whistles and with large enough wheels to go on gravel walks as well as city strolls.

Let's see if our first impressions are close to the real experience.

How Easy Is Nuna Mixx To Build? 

We love instruction booklets that are easy to follow and have multiple steps so that first-time builders can wrap their heads around every piece of information. A personal pet peeve is when an instruction manual says it has 5 steps to do “The Thing,” but each step is a paragraph long. 

Nuna Mixx follows our thought process and has created a simple booklet with 46 illustrations to help novices understand how to build this stroller.

In total, it took us around 10 minutes to complete the build. Pulling up the carrycot used more strength than anticipated, but this means the structure has a tight and sturdy fit.

All in all, the process was easy!

What Upgrades Were Made? 

Although the Nuna Mixx was well-loved, a couple of complaints kept recurring in their reviews and feedback. Nuna listened, and that's when the Next model appeared.

The first complaint was that the stroller could have given a smoother ride over gravel and grass terrain. Nuna Mixx Next has an improved suspension to get past this, and the wheels have been redesigned with rubber materials.

Originally the wheels were plastic, but rubber materials are better at absorbing bumpy impacts. The result is a smooth ride with added maneuverability. You will feel in control when pushing this stroller with just one hand.

The second complaint was also the biggest. Many parents wanted the stroller to stand up when it had been folded. The Nuna Mixx Next has been turned into a self-standing stroller, which is excellent for storage and helps you avoid back strain when you lift the pushchair.

This change meant that the Nuna Mixx Next had an additional difference that might be the most obvious to a Nuna Mixx user. The Next folds down to 12.8 cm (5 inches), which is shorter than the original. This means you can have more storage space in your trunk or at home.

What Is Nuna Mixx Like In Comparison To Similar Strollers?

Nina Mixx Next is a mid-ranged stroller with a focus on maneuverability and compactable folding. Several strollers also fit into this category, so we will look at some of the best sellers on Amazon and compare them again Nuna Mixx Next.

UPPABaby Cruz V2 Stroller

The UPPABaby Cruz is foldable however, the ending size is larger than the Nuna Mixx. The process is also more difficult as it has multiple levers you need to press.

The UPPABaby does have a one-handed multi-position reclining ability, which means you can quickly set your toddler into their preferred position with just one hand. This is a feature that Nuna Mixx doesn’t have.

BOB Gear Rambler

BOB Gear Rambler was designed for parents who spend most of their time off jogging or going up mountain terrain. It has a high-strength steel frame to absorb bumps, just like a mountain bike. It also has a single wheel that can swivel 360 degrees to create precise movements.

The Nuna Mixx’s handling is no way near as comfortable as the BOB Gear Rambler, but it does have great suspicion for less dramatic scenery. Strolling around the city, walking on gravel trails, and trailing through grass is more Mixx’s speed.

However, the BOB Gear Rambler doesn’t fold. It has sacrificed its comfortable storage for a comfortable ride. 

What Age Group Is Nuna Mixx Designed For?

The Nuna Mixx is designed to be ready from birth to 4 years old (or 22 kg/48 lb). The seat can be laid flat, which Nuna says is perfect for a newborn. However, we recommend using the carrycot to create a firm and comfortable base. The carrycot is extra, but we believe it is worth it.

How Comfortable Is The Carrycot?

For a quick answer, we can say that the Nuna Mixx Next’s carrycot is wonderfully comfortable. The dream drape that comes with the cot gives your baby some additional shade from the sun, which is a safer alternative to a blanket or towel as it doesn’t block air circulation.

The material itself is made from organic fabrics to create a comfy base. There are also multiple ventilation windows so your baby can be cozy and relaxed at the same time. The canopy is UPF 50+, so your baby can be protected from the sun.

The parent’s comfort matters too. The handlebar and bumper bar is made from soft and sturdy vegan leather that is stylish and comfortable. 

The carrycot connects easily to the Mixx frame, and you don’t need to use any adapters to make the connection fit. It simply clicks into place. That being said, the carrycot isn’t light. It comes in at around 4.3 kg (9.4 lbs), but that is due to the comfortable materials used for baby and parent.

The carrycot has already been approved for overnight sleeping, so if you are on a trip or simply don’t want to buy too many items, the Nuna Mixx carrycot is a perfect substitute for a Moses basket.

How Comfortable Is The Seat?

The seat unit comes with many great features, but if you have a large child, you might have some difficulty.

If you were expecting your 3 or 4-year-old to nap in the stroller, you might notice that their feet dangle off the edge. It is easy to move the seating position into a laying down position, however, it wasn’t designed for sleepy toddlers.

We found that these older children would wake up mid-nap crying due to how uncomfortable their legs and, therefore, waist and body were. In the end, they slept on the floor, causing us to break from our walk. 

If your toddler doesn’t sleep during the day, then this won't be a problem, but you should consider this issue before purchasing the Nuna Mixx.

Now onto the good features.

The reclining feature we just spoke about is easy to operate, as you just need to use a one-handed lever to pull the seat into any 5 positions.

The seats are padded for comfort, and the straps are easy to adjust as your child grows. The seat liner is made out of bamboo, which keeps the moisture away while allowing your child to feel cozy in the winter. It is easy to remove once the hot weather shines in too.

When it comes to parental comfort, the seat is a winner as it is high. This means the parents don’t need to bend down low to strap their children in.

How Easy Is The Nuna Mixx To Push And Steer?

The wheels are designed for all terrains, and we can confirm that they roll nicely and without issue on gravel, grass, and concrete. The wheels have a 360-degree turn so that you can get yourself out of any tight situation, and you feel like a skilled driver while you’re doing it. 

The overall feeling is low-effort and easy mobility that can be achieved with one hand.

How Easy Is The Nuna Mixx To Fold? 

The dimensions of the Nuna Mixx Next are 76 cm x 60 cm x 42 cm (30 inches x 23.6 inches x 16.5 inches). It is rather heavy so lifting it out of the car is a bit of a pain.

Folding the Nuna Mixx Next is super easy though, all you need to do is press a couple of buttons and let the frame fold into itself.

How Adjustable Are Mixx Handlebars?

There are 3 positions you can put the Nuna Mixx Next into, and you can make it reach 110 cm  (43.3 inches) from the ground, which is perfect for tall people.

Adjusting these heights is even easier than folding the stroller. There is a button on the side of the handles that you can press, and then you pull or push the handlebars until you hear a click at the height you desire.


The Nuna Mixx Next was super easy to build, is a good upgrade from the original and is comfortable for the baby and the parent. There are three handlebar adjustments for short, regular, and tall people, which means no one should be getting a backache from the stroller. And the Mixx is easy to fold and fantastic to steer.

The only problem we found is that the stroller isn’t great for older toddlers who want to nap. It isn’t long enough to cradle their legs, so you will likely end up with a crying child suffering from broken sleep.

When we compared the Mixx to BOB Gear Rambler, we found that BOB had better stirring on more rough terrain but couldn’t be folded. When we compared the Mixx to UPPABaby Cruz V2 Stroller, we discovered that UPPABabt was better for larger toddlers, but at the price of a larger stroller.

The Nuna Mixx is a great stroller, perfect for most occasions.

Hopefully, this review has helped you figure out if it’s the best one for you!