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Brooks Women’s Levitate Running Shoe

Review Last Updated: 13 April 2020
Jenny Campbell-Jones
Product Review by Jenny Campbell-Jones
Product Features
  • Lace Up Closure
  • Intuitive Fit
  • AMP Midsole Technology


Today we'll be reviewing the Brooks Women’s Levitate Running Shoe.

Our reviews are based on in-depth research and product analysis. Let's dive in!


  • Perfect if you have a medium to high arch
  • Great level of cushioning
  • Thick, supportive sole


  • Some people complain that they come quite wide

Brooks Women’s Levitate Running Shoe Product Review

Brooks are a popular provider of running equipment, and it’ll become clear why they’re so popular after reading our review of the Women’s Levitate Running Shoe.

If you’re a frequent runner, then you’re bound to love the Brooks Women’s Levitate Running Shoe. As the name suggests, you’ll feel like you’re levitating while wearing these shoes due to the springy, responsive sole of the shoe.

There’s nothing worse than shoes that don’t give your feet the support they need – but thankfully this pair has you covered. These are the perfect choice if you have a medium to high arched foot and want the correct support.

Your feet are sure to appreciate how comfortable these shoes are. The inside of the highly adaptable Fit Knit upper holds a host of comfort features, ensuring your feet stay comfortable even on the longest of runs.

Many modern running shoes feature energized cushioning, but none have as much energy return as these high-performance running shoes. The DNA AMP midsole technology gives you back more of the effort you put in, making running a breeze.

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